vaccine lymph中文意思是什麼

vaccine lymph解釋
[virus] 痘苗。

  • vaccine: adj. 牛痘的;預防疫苗的;種痘的。n. 1. 疫苗,牛痘苗;菌苗。2. 【計算機】免疫程序軟體,抗病毒軟體。
  • lymph: n. 1. 清泉。2. 【解剖學】淋巴(液)。3. 【醫學】(淋巴液狀)漿,苗。

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  1. Dendritic cells are characterized by their ability to efficiently present antigen, and are uniquely equipped to stimulate naive t cell responses. immature dendritic cells acquire antigens from throughout the peripheral body, then migrate to t - lymphocyte - dependent areas of lymph nodes. thus, dendritic cells act as bridges, operating at the interface of innate and acquired immunity

    作為機體免疫系統中功能最強的專職性抗原提呈細胞( antigen - presentingcells , apc ) ,樹突狀細胞( dendriticcells , dc )能高效地攝取、加工處理和提呈抗原,具有較強的遷移能力,並能顯著地激活初始型t細胞以啟動t細胞免疫應答反應,此外, dc與b細胞以及nk細胞等也存在著相互作用,可見, dc在連接天然免疫和獲得性免疫之間起著非常重要的作用。
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  4. Plan, yanbian animal and husbandry bureau organized the training course at antu county of yanbian prefecture during sept. 6 - 15, 2006. the training was mainly on animal disease prevention and control on diagnosis and testing capacity, as well as the way of using and safe keeping vaccine

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