ver cloudy sky中文意思是什麼

ver cloudy sky解釋

  • ver: 版本
  • cloudy: adj. 1. 陰天的,陰雲密布的。2. 雲(狀)的。3. 朦朧的。4. 愁容滿面的。5. 受人懷疑[蔑視]的。6. (水晶等)帶雲霧紋的;(酒等)混濁的。n. 多雲天。
  • sky: n 1 天,天空。2 【宗教】天國。3 〈常 pl 〉天氣;氣候,風土。4 天藍色。5 〈口語〉畫展室的頂列畫。v...

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  1. On 26th february, 1896, the sky was very cloudy.

  2. Just at sunset the air turned cold and the sky cloudy.

  3. From the west sky a wrathful shine - all that wild march could afford in the way of sunset - had burst forth after the cloudy day, flooding the tired and sticky faces of the threshers, and dyeing them with a coppery light, as also the flapping garments of the women, which clung to them like dull flames. a panting ache ran through the rick

  4. The japanese - made h2 - a rocket was shown blasting off into a cloudy sky to applause from observers at the launch site on the tiny island of tanegashima, where japan ' s launch center is located

    日本從位於鹿兒島縣種子島的發射中心顯示了h2 - a火箭發射雲空的歡呼場景,但幾分鐘后,發射中心宣布火箭不能完成使命,由發射控制站銷毀。
  5. In that cloudy sky only one lone star could be seen