vibration staking中文意思是什麼

vibration staking解釋

  • vibration: n. 1. 振動,顫動;擺動;【物理學】振動。2. (心的)震顫。3. (思想情緒的)激動。4. 猶豫。adj. -al
  • staking: 鏟軟

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  1. Amethyst holds the vibration of structure in the first 10 notes of the language of light

  2. The anharmonic effect of atomic vibration taken into account and from the potential energy which reacts each other among atoms, boltzmann statistical principle used, the relation formula of temperature and the distance change between atoms and coefficient of linear expansion is derived

  3. Ar power spectrum of vector vibration signal and its application

  4. ( 3 ). there exists a deficiency of the axial symmetry rotor plus two quasi - particles model for odd odd nuclei that the vibration far away from the inversion point is smaller

    ( 3 ) .在研究奇奇核的二準粒子加軸對稱轉子模型中,存在著遠離旋稱反轉點兩端的劈裂幅度偏小的缺點。
  5. 2. to the circular plate working in axial symmetry vibration at resonant frequency, the equivalent mass in analytical form is derived, that ' s is, and further, the equivalent compliance is obtained using the formula c = 1l 2 m

    對于工作在諧振頻率下做軸對稱運動的階梯圓板,採用解析法求得它的等效質量,並由c = 1 / ~ 2m求得等效彈性系數。