vina e中文意思是什麼

vina e解釋

  • vina: n. (印度的)七弦琴。
  • e: (pl E s e s )1 英文字母表第五字母。2 【音樂】E調,E音。3 E字形。4 〈美國〉(順序)第五等,(成...

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  1. The line ab intersects the line cd at e.

  2. It is important in the degradation of plant cell walls in living plants ( e. g. in leaf abscission )

    在生活植物體的細胞壁的降解過程中起重要的作用(如葉子脫落) 。
  3. Samara a nut or achene whose pericarp is extended to form a wing for wind dispersal, e. g. ash ( fraxinus excelsior )

    翅果:指堅果或瘦果中果皮延伸成翼狀,以利於風媒傳播的果實類型。如白蠟樹的果實(歐洲白蠟樹) 。
  4. However, the wild - type e. coli dh5a produced scarcely ethanol. this research successfully introduce the novel pathway for fermenting glucose to ethanol in e. coli by expressing zymomonas mobilis genes encoding pdc and adh ii, which was reported for the first time

  5. Adobe - e - licensing : software asset management

    Adobe -電子許可:軟體資產管理