wadding filter中文意思是什麼

wadding filter解釋

  • wadding: n. 填料,填絮;填彈塞原料;填塞物;填塞。
  • filter: n 1 濾器,濾紙,過濾用料[砂、炭等]。2 【無線電】濾波器;【物理學】濾光鏡,濾色器。vt 過濾,用過濾...

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  1. A bag filter for dust abatement at the discharge point should be provided.

  2. In order to reduce this interference, several methods have been proposed and tested, in which adaptive filter is more abstractive

  3. This paper make a deep research in nonuniformity correction, median filter and data communication technology according to the design requirment of the aerial defence missile, and achieve the goal of the design with the fpga technology

  4. Air braking systems - air filter for pipes

  5. In designing analogic circuit, we adopt programmable filter max262 to meet the system ' s command. after the step, we can make the signal ' s frequency width is wider and noise level is lower. to make the signal ' s amplitude to meet the analogic to digital device ' s command, we adopt the max551 to finish the gain control

    在模擬電路部分,採用可編程濾波器max262 ,這樣就滿足了該數據採集裝置所採集的信號的頻率范圍較寬以及具有較低的噪聲水平的要求,為了使采樣到的信號的幅度滿足後面a d轉換器的要求,採用max551對采樣到的信號進行調理(增益控制) 。