n. 名詞 〈美國〉 Waf 的復數。


    1. World area forecast system wafs

    2. Two world area forecast centres ( wafcs ) at london and washington broadcast the wafs products via satellites. the hko receives the satellite broadcasts from wafcs

      分別位於倫敦及華盛頓的兩個世界區域預報中心( wafc )通過人造衛星廣播世界區域預報系統的產品。
    3. As soon as data reception was interrupted, we searched the internet for wafs charts and were able to locate many but not all the required charts. we called the bureau of meteorology, australia for help. altogether, we received via fax 5 wafs charts from their help desk, which completed the full set of charts required for our operation

    4. Topics discussed included the intensive windshear and turbulence reporting exercises in 2000, experts review of windshear and turbulence warning service, delivery of meteorological information on broadband circuits, weather services under the communication navigation surveillance air traffic management ( cnsatm ) systems and automated meteorological data relay ( amdar ) observation programme, sea breeze induced windshear and world area forecast system ( wafs ) transition matters

    5. Various meteorological topics, including transition plan of the world area forecast system wafs, exchange of operational meteorological opmet information, and implementation of the international airways volcano watch iavw, were discussed during the meeting

      會議中討論多個氣象課題,包括世界航空區域預報系統wafs的過渡計劃交換業務氣象opmet資料,以及實施國際航道火山監察計劃iavw 。