vt. 及物動詞 吹送,飄送;使浮動,使漂蕩。
waft a kiss 丟吻。
a fragrance wafted from the meadow 牧場上吹來的香氣。
vi. 不及物動詞 浮動,漂蕩。
n. 名詞 1. 浮動,漂蕩,飄浮。
2. 一吹;一陣風。
3. (鳥翅膀的)一扇。
4. 飄香。
5. 【航海】信號旗;(遇險)信號。
n. 名詞 -er 轉盤風扇。


    1. A scent of lemon waft up from the garden below

    2. When i came to the stile, i stopped a minute, looked round and listened, with an idea that a horse s hoofs might ring on the causeway again, and that a rider in a cloak, and a gytrash - like newfoundland dog, might be again apparent : i saw only the hedge and a pollard willow before me, rising up still and straight to meet the moonbeams ; i heard only the faintest waft of wind roaming fitful among the trees round thornfield, a mile distant ; and when i glanced down in the direction of the murmur, my eye, traversing the hall - front, caught a light kindling in a window : it reminded me that i was late, and i hurried on

    3. It was like the paintings that man used to do on the pavement with all the coloured chalks and such a pity too leaving them there to be all blotted out, the evening and the clouds coming out and the bailey light on howth and to hear the music like that and the perfume of those incense they burned in the church like a kind of waft

    4. “ tianzhen ” brand tea, originated in hometown of xishi which is surrounded by fog perennially, is refined by carefully picked materials and owns the characters of shape beauty, color peak green and luster, and fragrance waft

    5. For certain, red - hot vicki zhao is rendered with glorious sun - dappled nostalgia, while the achingly romantic soundtrack will waft your heart away