whole size中文意思是什麼

whole size解釋

  • whole: adj 1 全部的,整個的;所有的,一切的,全…。2 完全的,完整的;沒有缺漏的;無疵的,沒有破損的,原樣...
  • size: n 1 大小,尺寸規模身材。2 (鞋帽等的)尺碼,號;(紙張的)開。3 巨大,大量;相當大的分量。4 〈口...

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  1. The reason qin shi huang used the life - size figurines had to unify the whole of china. this is why he wanted to lead his army to the nether world to protect his spirit and perpetuate his rule

    所以說,秦用武力統一六國,使秦始皇充分認識到軍隊的作用,因此他希望自己死後所進入的地下王國,仍然擁有強大的「秦之銳士」 。
  2. For example the concrete faced rock - fill dam in frigid zone is distinctive in terms of frost resistance and durability, cushion material seepage prevention and frost heave, adaptability of darn filling with season coordination among construction diversion, flood discharge and the whole construction schedule etc. lianhua construction which is situated in mudanjiang basin of heilongjiang province firstly creates the successful record of construction of large - size faced rock - fill dam in frigid zone, a series of internal and external problems not having a precedent to go by have been solved

  3. 25 storey - high building with size ranging from 1, 400 sq ft to whole floor 3, 500 sq ft. highly flexible design. sky garden is available on the 5th & top floor

    樓高25層,每層平均面積由1 , 400平方?至全層3 , 500平方? 。開放式間格,空間充裕,極富彈性。頂樓及5樓更設有空中花園,為區內罕有。
  4. Firstly, it expatiates the motives of m & as in european countries from 1990 ' s, the main motives includes : acquire bigger market shares and more profitable chances, attain synthesis effect, achieve strategetic transfer of industry, etc. secondly, it discusses motives of m & as in china, as a whole, it appears as the government drive force is strong, m & as between enterprises is blindfold, the size of m & as is small, motives of m & as is single, m & as between different regions and departments is few, and m & as between different countries is even fewer

  5. In the axes permitted area determined by different given basic design parameters, for different size and different axes position, the instantaneous efficiency variation rule during rise and return and the whole efficiency variation nile during rise, return and the motion cycle of in - line follower cam mechanisms has been studied respectively