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  • wind: n 1 風;大風,暴風;氣流;【機械工程】壓縮空氣。2 【航海】上風;風向;〈古語〉〈pl 〉方向。3 氣息...
  • cold: adj 1 冷,寒,凍;冰涼的。2 冷靜的,冷淡的,無情的,冷酷的;無趣味的;沉悶的;令人打冷顫的;掃興...
  • pathogen: n. 【生、醫】病原體。

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  1. There was a bitterly cold east wind blowing.

  2. On clear nights, no matter how cold the wind is and how rough the sea is, he spent hours after dinner alone on the flying bridge.

  3. Ye tianshi treated cough based on the differentiation of the etiopathogenisis such as wind - cold, wind - heat, dryness, liver disease, kidney disease, and prescribed herbs according to body constitution

  4. At the same time, the structure and the condensation mechanism of the natural down fiber are analyzed, the cold wind environment test on the warmth instrument which is designed as a warmth man was simulated and the thermal properties were measured on it successfully. by analyzing and discussing of those test data, the influence factors of the component fibers and the proportions of the natural down fiber in the felt under the wind cold environment were discovered, the influence trend to the warmth property of the different wind speed were tested and compared each other when the ptfe film lamination fabrics was applied or not

    本文在總結分析了國內外風冷環境條件下保暖材料的保暖機理及材料特性后,提出了採用羽絨纖維與ptfe膜復合加工高保暖性材料的設計思路。對ptfe膜、 pu膜及ptfe pu膜的透濕性進行了比較;探討分析了羽絨纖維的結構及成氈機理;對暖體假人進行了模擬風冷實驗研究。在此基礎上,分析總結了不同的材料、不同的羽絨含量對保暖絮氈保暖性的影響程度;在風冷環境下,比較了風速對有ptfe膜絮氈及無ptfe膜絮氈保暖性的影響。
  5. And have rehabilitation and healthcare effect for discomfort of neck, shoulder, waist, knee and other joints caused by wind, cold, and damp