x-ray laser中文意思是什麼

x-ray laser解釋

  • x: X2= (羅馬數字)10 XX = 20 IX = 9 XV = 15 XL = 40 LX = 60 XC = 90 DXL = 540 MX = 1010 =...
  • ray: n 雷〈姓氏,男子名, Raymond 的昵稱〉。n 1 光線,射線,熱線;〈詩〉光輝,閃爍,曙光,一線光明。2 ...
  • laser: n 鐳射激光,受激發射光,激光;萊塞;激光器,光激射器 ( = light amplification by stimulated emis...
  1. Optimization of drive pulse configuration for transient ne - like fe x - ray laser

  2. At present, this kind of gaas photoconductor detector has had practical value. it can detect x - ray, gamma - ray, laser pulse successfully

  3. The x - ray spectra emitted from laser - produced plasmas contain plentiful information. it is a powerful tool to carry out plasma diagnosis and to study the formation and evolution of the plasmas as well. it plays a significant role in the field of inertial confinement fusion

    慣性約束核聚變( icf )中,激光等離子體發射的x射線譜中包含著十分豐富的信息,是研究等離子體形成、發展並進行狀態診斷的有力工具之一,具有非常重要的意義。
  4. Now the method has application at large. because the laser - produced plasmas are rapidly varying, temporal resolution of spectral features is important to investigation of x - ray radiancy evolvement with time, many dynamic plasma processes and radiation transport. soft x - ray time - resolved diagnosis technology have had quiet great progress since from sixty " s end to seventy " s early

  5. With the furthermore development of ultra thin film technology, soft x - ray multilayer mirrors was applied in many fields, such as astronomy, microscope technology, euv lithogrphy, x - ray laser, icf diagnosis and so on

    隨著軟x射線超薄膜制備技術的不斷發展,軟x射線多層膜反射鏡已在多個領域中投入研究與應用,如天文學、生物醫學顯微鏡、極紫外投影光刻技術、 x射線激光、高溫等離子體診斷等等。