n. 名詞 1. 耶魯大學〈在美國 Connecticut 州 New Haven〉。
2. 耶爾〈姓氏,男子名〉。
3. 〈y〉彈簧鎖,撞鎖 (= Yale lock)。


    1. Boswell, james. london journal : 1762 - 1763. edited by frederick a. pottle. reprint edition. new haven and london : yale university press, 1992 [ 1950 ]

      詹姆士?鮑斯威爾, 《倫敦日記》 。弗雷德里克?愛?波特爾編輯,再版。新港和倫敦:耶魯大學出版社, 1992 ( 1950 )版。
    2. Mr. cheng is also a charter member on the president s council on international activities of the yale university and a member of the international council of the university of notre dame

    3. Which school will you go to ? cornell or yale

    4. It is our hope that the men of yale will, in their own lives, perpetuate their manhood and courage.

    5. There is a long history of poker, collection in america and europe, even in the 15th centrury, - person all as well as the public. sone museums take poker picture as a part of painting colleetions more than 3000 deeks of poker, the printed paper which was not cut and the xylograph, these collections were ouned by mellbott and marry carrie, they - them to mmerica yale vniversity when they died in 1967. there are two poker collection commitecs, some of the members collect poker, but others only collect the back side of it

      收藏撲克牌無論是私人的收藏或公共的收藏,都是相當不少的。還有相當一些博物館,以撲克牌畫面作為繪畫藝術收藏中的一部分收藏品。美國耶魯大學收藏有3 , 000副以上的撲克牌未切開的印張以及撲克牌印刷者的木印版,這些藏品原是已故的梅爾伯特和瑪麗卡里收藏, 1967年他們去世時遺贈給耶魯大學。