n. 名詞 〈梵語〉閻魔,閻羅王。


    1. We are the only yama in hell, and we are also the only truly enlightened buddha

    2. Yama ( or the five commandments ) constitutes the universal duty and is irrespective of race, place, time or emergency

    3. The experience ended with him being brought back by the venerable master who went to persuade king yama to let marty come back because marty still had work to do

    4. When a very miserly man nicknamed the " stingy ghost " died and went to hell, the yama king reproached him, saying, " you stingy ghost ! when you were alive, you clung hard to everything and wouldn t give to anyone. even when you saw others in poverty and misery, you refused to offer them help

    5. Patanjali gives eight stages of yoga viz., yama ( universal moral commandments ), niyama ( self - purification through discipline ), asana ( posture ), pranayama ( breath - control ), pratyahara ( withdrawal of mind from external objects ), dharana ( concentration ), dhyana ( meditation ) and samadhi ( state of super - consciousness )

      帕坦伽利把瑜伽分成八步:控制慾念(普遍道德上的戒律) 、自我約束(通過紀律來自我凈化) 、體式(身體姿勢) 、調息(控制呼吸) 、感官抑制(把思想從外在物體中撤離) 、執持(思想集中) 、禪那(靜坐冥想)和三摩地(超意識的狀態) 。