young ones中文意思是什麼

young ones解釋

  • young: n 楊格〈姓氏〉。adj (younger; youngest )1 年輕的,幼小的,幼嫩的(opp old)。2 少年氣盛的,生氣...
  • ones: 厄內什

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  1. The young ones took up the role as choristers ; they proudly proclaimed the word of the lord at the lectern ; they also brought the gifts up to the altar during offertory - it was a very encouraging sight, especially for those involved in the spiritual formation of these children

  2. The young ones were certainly making great progress, he thought.

  3. The two young ones sat happily back in a corner, watching the elaborate fence.

  4. Though they could not speak each other ' s language, they smiled and shook hands, and the two young ones also stopped their tears and broke into smiles

  5. Ripple gestures at the sprawling mountain valley around us and points out that although numerous other cottonwoods dot the landscape, this knot of saplings comprises the only young ones ? the rest of this part of the lamar is a geriatric ward for trees