zirconium dioxide中文意思是什麼

zirconium dioxide解釋

  • zirconium: n. 【化學】鋯 (Zr)。 zirconium oxide 氧化鋯。
  • dioxide: n. 【化學】二氧化物。

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  1. Epinephrine increases respiratory rate and tidal volume, and thereby reduces alveolar carbon dioxide content in normal subjects.

  2. Air inside an alveolus gives oxygen to blood and receives carbon dioxide from blood.

  3. B101 titanium dioxide anatase b

  4. The influx of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere has caused the saturation horizons for aragonite and calcite to shift closer to the surface by 50 to 200 meters compared with where they were positioned in the 1800s

    大氣的二氧化碳匯入海中,已經導致方解石和霰石的飽和線往上移動,比1800年代更接近海面50 ~ 200公尺。
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