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匹克 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞(比得上; 相當; 相配) be equal to; be a match for Ⅱ形容詞(單獨) lone Ⅲ量詞1. (用於馬、騾等) 2. (用於整卷的綢或布)
  • : 克i 動詞1 (能) can; be able to 2 (克服; 克制) restrain; control 3 (攻下據點; 戰勝) overcome...
  1. China is the host of the eleven asian olympic games.

  2. He needs to have the will of an olympic athlete.

  3. In order to celebrate the athens olympics and reward our customers, from aug. 1, 2004 to aug. 31, 2004, all of the customer who consumes in athens greek restaurant can taste the free greek desserts, including baklava ; chocolate cake ; walnut cake ; cheese pie and etc

    為慶祝2004雅典奧林匹克運動會並酬謝本店賓客,在2004年8 .月1日至8月31日期間,凡在雅典娜希臘餐廳用餐的客戶可免費品嘗特色希臘甜點,包括巴拉娃脆香派、巧力餅、核桃餅、芝士派等。
  4. Junior balkan mathematical olympiad

  5. Komazawa olympic park general sports ground baseball field

  6. The devil and the deep sea. - he will have it that hamlet is a ghoststory, john eglinton said for mr best s behoof. like the fat boy in pickwick he wants to make our flesh creep

    「他想把哈姆萊特說成是個鬼怪故事, 」約翰埃格林頓替貝斯特先生解釋說, 「像匹克里的胖小子似的,他想把我們嚇得毛骨悚然。
  7. For more than 2, 000 years, the olympic games have set the scene for competition and camaraderie, endurance and excellence

  8. Don ' t miss out on the excitement, camaraderie and competition that will create lifelong memories and help prepare you for the next step towards your olympic dreams

  9. Opium, morphine, heroin, methadone, narcotic analgesics, cannabis, lsd, cocaine, ketamine, gamma hydroxybutyric acid ( ghb ), amphetamine ( e. g. methylamphetamine, ecstasy, phentermine ( duromine ) ), benzodiazepine ( e. g. chlordiazepoxide ( librium ), midazolam ( dormicum ), estazolam, flunitrazepam ( rohypnol ), triazolam, nimetazepam, diazepam ( valium ) ), zopiclone, barbiturate ( e. g. quinalbarbitone ), methaqualone ( mandrax ), hallucinogen, depressant, stimulant or tranquillizer

    (俗稱綠豆仔) 、咪達唑侖(俗稱藍精靈) 、舒樂安定、氟硝西泮(俗稱十字架) 、三唑侖、硝甲西泮、安定(俗稱羅氏五號、羅氏十號) ) 、佐匹克隆、巴比士酸鹽(如速可巴比妥、甲?酮(俗稱忽得) )及其他迷幻劑、鎮抑劑、興奮劑及鎮靜劑。
  10. Mr dunlop said that the design, which accommodates two people, could have other uses, such as for disaster relief and housing for the london olympics

  11. Differentiate diagnose : should distinguish closedown of congenital bravery path, new student contagious hepatitis, tumour of hemal endodermis cell, portal vein thrombosis, ni man - be equal to the disease that overcome a family name

  12. Mr. pickwick's equanimity was at once restored.

  13. Bernard shaw, bertrand russell, charlie chaplin, douglas fairbanks and mary pickford all walked the bund and drank in the peace, then the cathay, hotel

  14. When barron do coubertin reformulated the olympic ideal in 1908 ? " the most important thing in the olympic games is not winning but taking part, " ? he could hardly have foreseen that in the 1970s this would be regarded as a pious, fatuous hope with not an inkling of the grim shape of things to come

    巴倫?德?顧拜旦在1908年重新制定奧林匹克精神? 「重要的不是輸贏而在於參與」 ?時,他簡直沒料到到70年代這種精神會被認為是可嘉然而愚昧、沒有一點影子的希望。
  15. The legends and foibles of the summer olympics

  16. The legends and foibles of the winter olympics

  17. Volunteers are the footstone of olympic games and the real image ambassador of olympics, representing olympic spirit

  18. In 2000, the glee club participated in the “ 2000 o1ympic choral contest ” held in austria and won three golden medals

    2000年7月,該團赴奧地利參加「 2000年奧林匹克國際合唱大賽」 ,並獲三項金獎,同時赴荷蘭參加「 2000年布魯薩姆國際民間藝術節」活動,演出大獲成功。
  19. 2. gradate blue image means that nafine group has been walking to the sea from its birthplace yanhu of yuncheng, or to say that we are generally stepping into the global market, the ocean where the international enterprises olympics held in

  20. This ode seems to owe its position at the head of pindar ' s extant works to aristophanes the grammarian, who placed it there on account of its being specially occupied with the glorification of the olympic games in comparison with others, and with the story of pelops, who was their founder