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中文拼音 [shíchǐ]
實齒 英文
pleodont tooth
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (內部完全填滿 沒有空隙) solid 2 (真實; 實在) true; real; honest Ⅱ名詞1 (實際; 事實...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (牙; 牙齒) tooth 2 (物體上齒形的部分) a tooth like part of anything 3 [書面語] (年齡...
  1. Hiding essence of life is the main physiology function of kidney, the essence in kidney is angry, be airframe life activity this, to airframe the physiology activity of each respect all is having all in all effect ; kidney advocate water fluid, basically be the aerification function that the essence in pointing to kidney enrages, to the body fluid inside body be defeated cloth and excrete, maintain the balance that the body fluid inside body metabolizes, the adjustment with rising very important action ; kidney advocate bone gives birth to pith, it is spirit of the energy in kidney has stimulative airframe to grow actually a of growth function main component, the rise and fall that the essence in kidney enrages, affect the growth of bone and growth not only, and the plentiful that also affects spinal cord and encephalon and development ; " tine is bone ", tine and bone give one cause together, the tooth also is filled by institute of gas of the energy in kidney raise, spirit of the energy in kidney is abundant, fall off the tooth is solid and not easily, if kidney is medium air of essence of life is inadequate, criterion the tooth becomes loose easily, inchoate even fall off ; kidney have one ' s ideas straightened out at 2 shade ( external genital organs and anal ), accordingly, frequent micturition, enuresis, urinary incontinence, make water little or anuria, all the aerification function with kidney is wrong about

    藏精是腎的主要生理功能,腎中精氣,是機體生命活動之本,對機體各方面的生理活動均起著極其重要的作用;腎主水液,主要是指腎中精氣的氣化功能,對于體內津液的輸布和排泄,維持體內津液代謝的平衡,起著極為重要的調節作用;腎主骨生髓,際上是腎中精氣具有促進機體生長發育功能的一個重要組成部分,腎中精氣的盛衰,不僅影響骨的生長和發育,而且也影響脊髓和腦髓的充盈和發育; 「為骨之餘」 ,與骨同出一源,牙也由腎中精氣所充養,腎中精氣充沛,則牙堅固而不易脫落,若腎中精氣不足,則牙易於松動,甚至早期脫落;腎開竅於二陰(外生殖器和肛門) ,因此,尿頻、遺尿、尿失禁、尿少或尿閉,均與腎的氣化功能失常有關。
  2. Using vba : 3d modeling of the involute - column - bevel gear

  3. A study on bevel gear virtual reality modeling based on pro e

  4. In this paper, the relation between differential driven ratio accuracy and the common normal length error of cylindrical bevel wheel has been found by experimental method, which provides a efficient way for cylindrical bevel wheel manufacturer to control the common normal length error of the wheel

  5. Results : the carious rate of test group was smaller than the control

  6. Experimental study on noise control of a centrifugal blower using tooth shape vane

  7. An optimization example showed that the method was valid and satisfied the design requirement of some related structure and performance parameters on the conditions of minimum volume, concordant gears and rotors cavity structure

  8. To eliminate the errors, the parallel double - sensor scheme which can eliminate the influence of the tooth space error of the measurement tooth - wheel and the contraposition double - sensor scheme which can reduce the influence of the installing eccentric error of the measurement tooth - wheel are demonstrated in detail and realized in this paper

  9. Klingelnberg cyclo - palloid spiral bevel gear has construction cramped, excellent transmission quality, low noise and loaded vehavior, it ’ s the main form of gear drives in the bevel gear ’ s technology field. it ’ s cyclo - palloid system, two - part cutter head and high power gears ( hpg ), has certain technology particular than gleason spiral bevel gear. systemic analysing the manufacture principle and meshing principle of klingelnberg cyclo - palloid spiral bevel gear, for accomplishing design theory and analysis method, for enhancement manufacture precision and loaded behavior, for promotion and applied in engineering field, have important theory value and actuality meaning. main work of the paper is tooth form emulation and tooth contact analyse of klingelnberg cyclo - palloid spiral bevel gear

    克林貝格( klingelnberg )延伸外擺線輪結構緊湊、傳動性能優良、噪聲小、承載能力高,是錐輪技術發展的主要制,其連續切削法,雙層刀盤技術和硬面刮削法( hpg )相對于格利森制輪有一定的技術特點。系統的分析這種輪的加工原理和嚙合機理,對完善其設計理論和分析方法,提高加工精度和承載能力,在工程中推廣應用具有重要的理論價值和際意義。
  10. The time - delayed correlation demodulation is established in order to suppress the noise and demodulating the signal

    Wigner - ville分佈計算時間長,不適于輪與滾動軸承的時診斷。
  11. The additional flow is formed by the device of dentoid baffle, and the application of the device of dentoid baffle cooperated with a stilling basin has been investigated by systematic model tests. based on the research results, the hydraulic problems such as the characteristics of hydrodynamic pressure and cavitation on the head of the denotid baffle, the properties of flow under the condition that the device of denotid baffle is used with a stilling basin, the hydraulic computation about a stilling basin, the estimation of energy dissipation and its various affection factors, the mechanism and effect of energy dissipation, and distributions of velocity and pressure and aerating concentration, etc, have been analyzed ; the method and step of hydraulic design of device of denotid baffle by which the additional flow is produced has also been proposed

  12. The water current flows over the top of the dentoid baffle to the hydraulic jump as additional momentum. while it is cooperated with a stilling basin, the flowing condition emerged in the basin may be improved greatly and the length and downstream water depth required by the basin can be decreased to a great extent. such an appliance may be also used to solve the problems of insufficiently dissipating water flow energy and aerating flow, which are often faced with those hydraulic engineering constraction as acted by high waterhead, great specific discharge and low froude number

  13. For example, small diurnal rodents eat berries, nuts, leaves, fruit, seeds, and insects.

  14. The paper describes an approach based on preferences for drawing pump gear by visual lisp language and for designing dialog - box

  15. This drilling adopts crank connecting link and walking beam percussion mechanism, which make the drilling possess two percussive functions, normal drilling takes connecting link impact as main mode, when encountering special situation and the connecting link impact can not drill, it can transform into hoisting impact, the stroke length can be modulated, it realizes automatic percussive drilling due to continuous operating of connecting link percussive mechanism, these can enhance drilling efficiency and relieve labor intensity ; it adopts pumping reverse circulation to drain slag, which not only resolves the drilling difficulty in special stratum such as pebble and gravel stratum and hard stratum, but also resolves the problem that the percussive drill ' s efficiency is low ; it adopts spur gear differential mechanism as double cylinders lazy tongs of main hoist, which not only ensures the balance state of drilling tool, but also reduces the mechanical design, and reduces the cost ; the bottom plate traveling motion of this drilling machine adopts walking type ; the drilling tower adopts hydraulic pressure uprising, and reduces the assistant operating time

  16. During recently 3 years, i mainly engaged in mechanical vocation ' s plant planning. i attended 25 projects, which including feasible reports, preliminary designing and working drawing designing, ranged over establishment or technology reforming of machine tool factory, gear factory, tractor factory, automobile manufactory, electric pump factory, electromechanics factory, electric cable factory, the highest investment of them is 160 million yuan, total design work expand over 850 million ( no repeat calculate ). for i have professional ability and well up in developmental situation of mechanical vocation and it ' s situation inside jiangsu province, these projects what i designed were all authorized by leading department and expert, introduced into national plan and bring into operation. these projects bring both economic profit and society profit for the factory ' s technical advancement, product ' s update. as the director of these projects in these designing and consultation work, i generally organize and operate these and earn the higher valuation of leading department and consumer

    近三年來主要從事機械行業工廠工程設計,先後參與二十五個項目的可行性研究報告編制,初步設計和施工圖設計.涉及機床廠,輪廠,拖拉機廠,汽車製造廠,電泵廠,電機廠,電纜廠的新建或技術改造,其中單項投資額最高的為1 . 6億元,總計完成投資額為8 . 5億元(未重復計算)的設計工作量.由於對機械行業發展狀況和省內狀況較為熟悉,具有一定的專業水平,這些設計項目均經有關領導部門,專家審定列入國家計劃,得以施,為工廠的技術進步,產品更新換代,生產發展創造較好的經濟效益和社會效益.在這些設計,咨詢中,本人均任項目負責人,全面組織,施設計工作,得到主管部門和用戶較高評價
  17. Asking a favor came hard to him.

  18. At the incredulous tone, colorel's fleshy mouth widened in the grin which no doubt charmed the women.

  19. Driving system consists of synchronous belt ( optibelt, made in germany ) and round arc gear combined with gear case ; the key parts adopt nsk bearing ( made in japan ) for smooth transmission, prolonging the lifetime of the machine

  20. A new method of intersection interference analysis for real tooth surface