慢轉的 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [mànzhuǎnde]
慢轉的 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1. (速度低; 走路、做事等費的時間長) slow 2. (態度冷淡, 沒有禮貌) supercilious; rude Ⅱ動詞(從緩) postpone; defer
  • : 轉構詞成分。
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  1. She ambles around the room, coming to rest before dorothy again.

  2. Regulating systems ( balances ) with variable radius of gyration are allowed provided they comply with criteria one ( a ) and one ( b )

  3. Along one side of the field the whole wain went, the arms of the mechanical reaper revolving slowly, till it passed down the hill quite out of sight

  4. Gentle shot played by pushing the shuttle with little wrist motion, usually from net or midcourt to the opponent

  5. That does not rule out a gradual drift to infertility as an additional explanation, but makes it possible that infertility is a consequence, rather than a cause of speciation

  6. Slowly one wheel began moving, another began turning, and a third, and more and more rapidly, levers, wheels, and blocks began to revolve, chimes began playing, figures began to pop out, and the hands began moving rhythmically, as a result of that activity

  7. The most common means of agitation of liquid media is by placing the culture vessels on a drum (for test tubes).

  8. Summer passed and the days got colder. the air was filled with dried orange leaves.

  9. The dandelion swayed in the gentle breeze like an oscillating electric fan set on medium

  10. A rotary cell culture system was designed, which was composed of micromotor, rotate part, gear part and et al. in this system, tubular scaffold can rotate slowly around own major axis. by means of this, three - dimension tissues or organs can be cultured in vitro

    我們還特別設計了旋培養裝置,通過微型馬達驅動,減速裝置作用使旋部分繞自身中心水平軸做緩動,從而使置於旋部件上管形支架繞其正中長軸作緩,其原理與美國genzrpe公司rccs ( rotarycellculturesystemrccs )系統相仿。
  11. Within several hundreds or thousands of years after the start of a typical warm period, the climate reverted to slow cooling followed by quick cooling over as short a time as a century

  12. He turns to me slowly and his face is just a smile, a huge smile

  13. Excuse 1 : i am a weathered hunter who has been hunting vicious beasts in jungle for years and suddenly i am ordered to kill an innocent bunny which i stop killing since my childhood. my mind is a blank for any skills i learned long time ago. is it a good excuse

    老劉一直樂呵呵為嚴肅,認真地說: 「老黃,別看咱倆相交這么多年,在大是大非問題上我還是要提醒一句,祖國統一是沒有討價還價餘地,你這種思想也是要不得! 」
  14. The most common means of agitation of liquid media is by placing the culture vessels on a drum ( for test tubes )

    液體培養基最普通搖動方式,要把培養器皿放置於圍繞一根近水平軸緩圓筒(用於試管) 。
  15. The breeze fell, for some seconds, very low, and the current gradually turning her, the hispaniola revolved slowly round her centre, and at last presented me her stern, with the cabin window still gaping open, and the lamp over the table still burning on into the day

  16. Can go be being checked now the body how, because if suit the doctor can let a patient eat he puding, shade can turn slowly after this ate, very expensive nevertheless, want to take half an year, and cannot stop drug casually, want next taking to coach in the doctor

  17. It is true that an appreciation might modestly and temporarily slow china ' s growth as the economy changes gear ? but, since china ' s exports contain lots of imported inputs, it is hard to see even a double - digit yuan appreciation sending exports into a tail - spin

  18. Tony famham of the university of texas and his colleagues calculated, however, that the comet may have been rotating relatively slowly

  19. Wireless equipment makers are struggling to dig themselves out from a slow transition to a new generation of mobile phones that offer internet and computer features and not just voice calling

    在生產新一代移動電話(這種產品既有語音通話功還有網際網路和計算機功能)變過程中,無線設備製造商們在竭力尋找自己出路(迅速型從而擺脫困境) 。
  20. An illustration through time - lapse film, light microscope slide and electron micrograph of the activities of macrophages