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  • : 拉構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ形容詞(特殊; 超出一般) particular; special; exceptional; unusual Ⅱ副詞1 (特別) especially; v...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (急切盼望) hope earnestly; wait anxiously for 2 (粘住; 緊貼) cling to; stick to 3 (爬...
  • : Ⅰ形1 (顯著; 盛大) conspicuous; grand 2 (紅如火燒) bright flaming redⅡ名詞1 [電學] (頻率單位...
  • 拉特 : ali larter
  1. Among the most prominent composers of the 20th century were b la bart k, gustav mahler, richard strauss, giacomo puccini, claude debussy, maurice ravel, charles ives, edward elgar, arnold schoenberg, sergei rachmaninoff, sergei prokofiev, igor stravinsky, dmitri shostakovich, benjamin britten, aaron copland and carl nielsen

  2. Polyphonic fiction concepts from bakhtin to genette and kundera

  3. Four parts makes this thesis : part one : combs out the developing process of academic perspective of students in eastern and western education history with the main line of education ideas in education history. describes respectively some thinkers " idea of perspective of students, such as socrates ^ platon > aristoteles of ancient education in west and confucius > mengcius ^ xuncius in china ; rousseau > comeniussdeweysherbart of modern education and some ideas in post - modern education

  4. Ballack limped off at st james ' park following a crunching tackle from titus bramble and, after being assessed by chelsea ' s medical team, was sent to see surgeon hans muller - wohlfahrt in germany

  5. He has been a guest performer at many international music festivals in the usa and europe, including the piccolo spoleto festival ( charleston, south carolina, usa ), piano festival northwest ( portland, oregon, usa ), interlochen piano festival ( interlochen, michigan, usa ), festival internacional de m sica del mediterr neo ( cartagena, spain ), and international bart k festival ( szombathely, hungary )

    約翰.塞爾文做為貴賓已經在美國和歐洲的許多國際的音樂節中演奏鋼琴曲,包括小的斯保雷鋼琴節(美國南卡羅萊那查理斯) 、奧勒岡州波蘭鋼琴藝術節(奧勒岡州波蘭市多塞郡) 、因肯鋼琴節(美國密西根洲因肯) 、地中海國際鋼琴節(西班牙喀塔基那)以及國際鋼琴節(匈牙利松) 。
  6. The ig nobel prizes were handed to the winners by genuine nobel laureates dudley herschbach 1986 chemistry, william lipscomb 1976 chemistry, robert wilson 1978 physics and sheldon glashow 1979 physics. harvard professor roy glauber, awarded a nobel prize in physics, has been a regular at the ig nobels for 10 years, sweeping paper airplanes thrown on the stage during the ceremony

  7. He is his royal highness prince alwaleed bin talal bin abdulaziz alsaud, nephew of king fahd of saudi arabia, grandson of the country s founder, grandson also of the founder of modern day lebanon

  8. He is his royal highness prince alwaleed bin talal bin abdulaziz alsaud, nephew of king fahd of saudi arabia, grandson of the country ' s founder, grandson also of the founder of modern day lebanon

  9. Inter owner massimo moratti encountered rosanero president maurizio zamparini where he agreed to pay around ? 4m and hand over youngster hernan pablo dellafiore, who spent last season on loan at treviso, as part of the deal

  10. The paper analyses the musical creation and influences of such famous musicians as schutz, bach, mozart, beethoven, schubert, brahms, verdi, and schonberg in the west, points out that though their temperaments and environments were different, they all possessed the impulse of surpassing the self and the age, and their musical creations borne out of this impulse inevitably came into conflict with their environment, which made their life tragic, and the paper further draws the conclusion that greet artists are invariably tragic in their life and destiny

  11. Further, marjorie hoy and jay jeyaprakash of the university of florida have determined that the technique employed in the rochester study often wrongly indicates an absence of parasitization

  12. The bianconeri are already targeting four of diego ' s teammates, miroslav klose, nando, per mertesacker and thorsten frings and had scouts in the stands for werder ' s clash with borussia monchengladbach last weekend

  13. Michael schumacher believes that bridgestone and ferrari will still be competitive despite the temperature drop, while jenson button and rubens barrichello at honda ( the japanese team went testing with anthony davidson and james rossiter at vallelunga in italy last week ) are keeping a low profile while inevitably praying that melbourne will provide the big breakthrough

  14. Sparta prague has dominated czech participation, so for slovan liberec to win the league by a big margin is a major change in power in petr cech ' s home land

  15. Other chelsea players to have been shortlisted in the past are petr cech, gianfranco zola twice, jimmy floyd hasselbaink and ruud gullit