拉維斯托 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [wéituō]
拉維斯托 英文
  • : 拉構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (連接) tie up; hold together; link 2 (保持; 保全) maintain; safeguard; preserve; keep ...
  • : Ⅰ名詞(古代驅疫時用的面具) an ancient maskⅡ形容詞[書面語] (醜陋) ugly
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (向上承受) support from under 2 (陪襯) set off; serve as a contrast or foil 3 (委託; ...
  • 拉維 : allawi
  • 斯托 : madeleine stowe
  1. And after came all saints and martyrs, virgins and confessors : s. cyr and s. isidore arator and s. james the less and s. phocas of sinope and s. julian hospitator and s. felix de cantalice and s. simon stylites and s. stephen protomartyr and s. john of god and s. ferreol and s. leugarde and s. theodotus and s. vulmar and s. richard and s. vincent de paul and s. martin of todi and s. martin of tours and s. alfred and s. joseph and s. denis and s. cornelius and s. leopold and s. bernard and s. terence and s. edward and s. owen caniculus and s. anonymous and s. eponymous and s. pseudonymous and s. homonymous and s. paronymous and s. synonymous and s. laurence o toole and s. james of dingle and compostella and s. columcille and s. columba and s. celestine and s. colman and s. kevin and s. brendan and s. frigidian and s. senan and s. fachtna and s. columbanus and s. gall and s. fursey and s. fintan and s. fiacre and s. john nepomuc and s. thomas aquinas and s. ives of brittany and s. michan and s. herman - joseph and the three patrons of holy youth s. aloysius gonzaga and s. stanislaus kostka and s. john berchmans and the saints gervasius, servasius and bonifacius and s. bride and s. kieran and s. canice of kilkenny and s. jarlath of tuam and s. finbarr and s. pappin of ballymun and brother aloysius pacificus and brother louis bellicosus and the saints rose of lima and of viterbo and s. martha of bethany and s. mary of egypt and s. lucy and s. brigid and s. attracta and s. dympna and s. ita and s. marion calpensis and the blessed sister teresa of the child jesus and s. barbara and s. scholastica and s. ursula with eleven thousand virgins

    這邊是頭戴主教冠的大修道院院長小修道院院長方濟各會修道院院長修士缽修士波萊550的本篤會修士加爾都西會和卡馬爾多利會的修士551西多會和奧利坦會的修士552奧利會和瓦隆布羅薩會的修士553 ,以及奧古丁會修士布里吉特會修女554普雷蒙特雷修會聖仆會555和聖三一贖奴會修士,彼得諾科的孩子們556還有先知以利亞的孩子們也在主教艾伯特和阿的德肋撒的引導下從加爾默山下來了,穿鞋的和另一派557褐衣和灰衣缽修士們,安貧方濟各的兒子們558嘉布遣會559修士們,科德利埃會修士們,小兄弟會修士們和遵規派修士們560克蕾的女兒們561 ,還有多明我會的兒子們,缽傳教士們,以及遣使會562的兒子們。再就是聖沃爾坦563的修士們,依納爵的弟子們564 ,以及可敬的在俗修士埃德蒙依納爵賴率領下的聖教學校兄弟會會員們565 。隨后來的是所有那些聖徒和殉教者們,童貞修女們和懺悔師們。
  2. Russia ' s relations with its former satellites are not uniformly bad : it has just signed a border treaty with latvia and its ties with hungary are positively chummy

  3. Among the most prominent composers of the 20th century were b la bart k, gustav mahler, richard strauss, giacomo puccini, claude debussy, maurice ravel, charles ives, edward elgar, arnold schoenberg, sergei rachmaninoff, sergei prokofiev, igor stravinsky, dmitri shostakovich, benjamin britten, aaron copland and carl nielsen

  4. Sauce for the gander. a hackney car, number three hundred and twentyfour, driver barton james of number one harmony avenue, donnybrook, on which sat a fare, a young gentleman, stylishly dressed in an indigoblue serge suit made by george robert mesias, tailor and cutter, of number five eden quay, and wearing a straw hat very dressy, bought of john plasto of number one great brunswick street, hatter

  5. The western scholars ? las and johnson has shown that the hard core of the research programs based on the science research programs methodology is difficult to change and it can be maintained and developed by adjusting the assisting hypothetic protecting zone. they give comparatively objective statement of the hard cores of western mainstream economics research programs and the marx ' s economics research programs, which is based on the comparative analysis on the human being, rationality, property right, market and the view on the social history of the two hard cores

  6. Rastoptchins posters, with a print at the top of a gin - shop, a potman, and the moscow artisan, karpushka tchigirin, who, having gone into the militia, heard that bonaparte meant to come to moscow, was mightily wroth thereat, used very bad language about all the french, came out of the gin - shop and began to address the people assembled under the eagles, were as much read and discussed as the last

    普欽散發了一種傳單,上面畫著一家酒館一個酒保一個莫科小市民卡爾普什卡奇吉林這個奇吉林曾當過后備兵,他多喝了幾杯聽說波拿巴要攻打莫科,就火冒三丈,用臟話痛罵所有的法國佬。他走出酒館,在鷹形招牌下面,對聚在那兒的民眾講起話來, ,這張傳單如同瓦西里利沃奇普希金的限韻詩被人們誦讀與討論。
  7. She s been at madagascar, and a malabar, and surinam, and providence, and portobello

  8. Prague czechoslovakia, wien austria - " real utopie

    捷克洛伐克布格和奧地利也納, "真正的烏
  9. Haavisto had hoped to be in iraq by june, but frequent attacks on u. s. troops have delayed his efforts until august

  10. Fourthly, we comment on some project - based learning cases in other countries. through analyzing learning center of bruce campbell, activity centers of thomas armstrong, the year - long curriculum journey of david lazear, project - based learning designed by sally berman and lilian g katz, we point out the reference significance of them

  11. One thing i wanted to tell you, princess, said rostov, that is, that if prince andrey nikolaevitch were not living, since he is a colonel, it would be announced immediately in the gazettes

    「我想到要告訴您一件事,公爵小姐, 」羅夫說, 「這便是,假如安德烈尼古奇公爵已不在人世,作為上校軍官,官報上立刻會登出訃聞的。 」
  12. Sacramento bee - it had been less than a day since agent david bauman talked to his client, peja stojakovic

  13. " carlitos tevez and his former corinthians team - mate, javier mascherano, has signed a contract to play with west ham united of england, " read the statement

    卡里和他的前科林蒂安隊友賈爾馬諾,已經和西漢姆聯簽了一份租借的協議, 」這份聲明說。
  14. Spanoulis ' agent, miodrag raznatovic, said he and spanoulis have told the rockets 10 times since the end of the season that spanoulis will never return to play for the rockets and that nothing would change his mind

  15. " it was strange, really, " he says. " their fans, who were obviously all croats, kept whistling and jeering at the yugoslavia team and at the serb player dragan stojkovic in particular

    "真的很奇怪"他說, "大部分是克羅埃西亞人的球迷,不停的吹著口哨,為南夫隊吶喊助威,塞爾亞球員達干?奇十分搶眼。
  16. The men who took the lead in conversation at the club, such as count rostoptchin, prince yury vladimirovitch dolgoruky, valuev, count markov, and prince vyazemsky, did not put in an appearance at the club, but met together in their intimate circles at each others houses

  17. Haavisto ' s latest project is an assessment of iraq

  18. He had already been away for six, and was expected home every minute. on this 5th of december there was also staying with the rostovs nikolays old friend, the general on half - pay, vassily fedorovitch denisov

  19. I think tevez could pose more problems than solutions and maybe we should have waited for someone like huntellar or berbetov instead

  20. I had other duties. the people had to be appeased. many other victims have perished and are perishing for the public good, he thought ; and he began to reflect on the social duties he had towards his family and towards the city intrusted to his care ; and on himselfnot as fyodor vassilyevitch rastoptchin he assumed that fyodor vassilyevitch rastoptchin was sacrificing himself for

    「 javais dautres devoirs , 」他想, 「 il fallait apaiser le peuplebien dautres victimes ont pri et prissent pour le bien publique 」於是,他轉而去想他所擔負的責任:對他的家庭,對他的即委託給他的都城,以及對他自己所負的責任不是想費多爾瓦西里耶普欽他認為費瓦普欽正為bien publique作自我犧牲,而是想那個作為總督,權力的代表和沙皇的全權代表的他。