科學 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xué]
科學 英文
science; scientific knowledge
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (學術或業務的類別) a branch of academic or vocational study 2 (機關按工作性質而分設的單...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (學習) study; learn 2 (模仿) imitate; mimic Ⅱ名詞1 (學問) learning; knowledge 2 (學...
  1. Aaas american association for the advancement of science

  2. Aaas american academy of arts and sciences

  3. International weekly science journal, published by the american association for the advancement of science ( aaas )

  4. Fellowship, american association for the advancement of science aaas, the world s largest general scientific society, in 2006

    二零零六年獲全球最大的科學會美國科學促進會( american association for the advancement of science ,簡稱aaas )推選為院士
  5. Science magazine, an international weekly science journal, is published by the american association for the advancement of science ( aaas ), with assistance of stanford university ' s highwire press

  6. Raven calls dresselhaus a “ foremost role model. ” director of the missouri botanical garden and current president of the aaas, raven was secretary of the national academy when dresselhaus was treasurer

  7. Journal of aba teachers college

  8. Among the scientific community, the big bang, abiogenesis, and biological evolution are generally considered to be the correct description of the origins of the universe and life on earth

  9. Facing the new environment of wto, how to participate in the aboil competion market and how to use the scientific theory and technique to bid as a chinese construction enterprise is a very important and exigent research subject

  10. C. ronan, the shorter science and civilization in china : abridgement of joseph needham ' s original text, cambridge : cambridge university press, 1978, pp. 182, 171, 187

    席文: 《為什麼科學革命沒有在中國發生? ?是否沒有發生》 ,李國豪、張孟聞、曹天欽主編: 《中國技史探索》 ,第105 ? 106頁。
  11. Biagioli, mario. galileo, courtier : the practice of science in the culture of absolutism. chicago : university of chicago press, 1993. isbn : 0226045609

    比亞焦利,馬里奧。 《伽利略,庫爾蒂:在絕對主義文化中的科學實踐》 。芝加哥:芝加哥大出版社, 1993 。 isbn : 0226045609 。
  12. This essay suggests that scholarly research must first of all take leave of ideology , and recognize that universalist and absolutist theories such as those of mathematics and physics are not possible in the humanities and social sciences

  13. The third part of this article mainly discussed the value and function of education on literature of high school. it points out that education on literature of high school can be affluent in the knowledge of science and culture of students and it has great function on improving students " abuttal of appreciating beauty, on building humanities spirit to intigrate the character of the middle school students, on broading the thoughts and improving the aptitude of application for language

    指出:中教育可以豐富中生的科學文化知識,對于提升中生的審美境界、構建中生的人文精神? ? 「健全中生的人格」 ,以及開闊中生的思維、提高中生的語言應用能力有巨大的功用。第四部分探討了中教育的主要內容? ?中知識、文欣賞、文評論、文寫作教育及其與之相關的教育要求。
  14. Endangered abies yuanbaoshanensis will probably have been extinct, so it very necessary to studying its genetic diversity with a proper way in order to save this key group of biological diversity in china

  15. In the present study, aflp ( amplified fragment length polymorphism ) markers was used to examine population of abies yuanbaoshanensis in order to understand the level of population genetic variation and genetic structure. the result would help to evaluate its evolutionary potentiality and the degree of being endangered and could provide scientific basis for making right protection strategy. high - quality dna was extracted using ctab method from those tender leaves of forty - three fully - developed trees in population abies yuanbaoshanensis

    本研究選用一種高效的檢測遺傳變異的分子標記? ? aflp技術來分析元寶山冷杉種群的遺傳多樣性,旨在了解該種群在分佈區內的遺傳變異水平和遺傳結構情況;研究結果將有助於更清楚地認識這一瀕危類群的生存潛力和瀕危程度,而且可以為制定何種挽救和保護措施提供科學的依據。
  16. Inner mongolia academe of environmental science

  17. Chinese meteorological sciences academe, beijing, 100081

    中國氣象科學研究院,北京, 100081
  18. Chinese academe of meteorological science, beijing, 100081

    中國氣象科學研究院,北京, 100081
  19. China agriculture academe of science

  20. He submitted his plans to the academic sciences.