秀賴 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiùlài]
秀賴 英文
  • : Ⅰ動詞(植物抽穗開花) (of grain crops) put forth flowers or ears Ⅱ形容詞1 (清秀) elegant; bea...
  • : i 動詞1 (依靠) rely on; depend on 2 (逗留不肯離去) hang on in a place; drag out one s stay in...
  1. Win1000 bed lift wins the teust of hospitals and high praises of patients for its unique design and excellent performance indexes and becomes the best choice of many hospitals and sanatoriums

  2. Chapter no. 6 teel you the core of thoughts - lead for airlines is that airline shall make it clear that the basic aim of the service marketing is customer satisfaction ( cs )

  3. Qishuyan locomotive & rolling stock works, situated in changzhou city, jiangsu province and founded in 1905, covers an area of 1, 760, 000 square meters, owns 4, 500 unitssets of various mechanical equipment, and possesses a comprehensive production capability of forging & casting, machining, riveting & welding, heat treatment, tooling & patterns and sophisticated measures for physical & chemical tests, metrological measurements & inspection. it is an important base for manufacturing artery dedicated diesel engine locomotives, freight wagous, heavy duty diesel engines and railway components, which have won the credit and trust from customers by their excellent quality and outsanding aftersales service and enjoy good sales throughout the country and in countries in europe and america

  4. Jiefu has a strong r d team which organized of state grade acoustic expert, constructs an effective production and quality control system, possesses of denmark loudsoft acoustic design soft and american lms acoustic analysis soft, full set b k2012 acoustic testing system, korea sigma inspect and test system as well as a 520cbm anechoic room, several reliability laboratory and subjective audition room. facilitated by all the above - mentioned resource, jiefus engineers continuously design and create the excellent speaker unit and speaker system

    公司憑藉由國家級聲學專家組成的技術研發隊伍,建有一套有效的生產質量控制體系,擁有丹麥loudsoft聲學設計軟體和美國lms聲學分析軟體全套的丹麥b k公司2012電聲測試系統,和韓國sigma測試及試驗系統,並配備有520立方米的消聲室,多個信性實驗室和主觀聽音室,通過這些完備的研究開發資源,傑夫工程師不斷設計並生產出優的揚聲器單元和系統。
  5. In 2ooo, “ spanish dance ” and “ unfolding ” won the award for excellent performance. “ don quijote ” won third prize of classical children ' s ballet in freiburg international children ' s ballet competition in germany

    2000年《西班牙舞》 、 《綻放》獲得優表演獎,赴德國費堡國際兒童芭蕾舞比賽《唐吉柯德》獲得古典芭蕾舞少兒組三等獎,演獎。
  6. The development of cultures depends on the language symbol systems. chinese education as a special mother tongue education passes culture to students through students " learning the language, which makes students sense and experience the excellent chinese culture and help to develop themselves in understanding, accepting and creating cultures

  7. Three high school students, bonnie, juilet and venus, in their last year in school together, go on their last picnic before their examinations. taking shelter from a sudden storm in an abandoned temple, bonnie finds a piece of rope and takes it home

  8. Microelement amino acid chelate is a newly additive, which was studied extensively, and the nutritional function of microelement amino acid was confirmed by many studies. but the study of copper amino acid chelate was seldom. in this study, mice were used as animal model, cu - lys and cu - met were studied as representative of copper amino acid chelate

  9. The wachau is a stretch of the danube valley between melk and krems, a landscape of high visual quality

  10. The director of hong kong institute of asia - pacific studies of chinese university of hong kong, professor yeung yue - man, will be the convenor of the forum, while panelists include legislative council member, professor patrick lau ; vice - chairman of the metro planning committee of the town planning board, dr peter wong ; vice - chairman of the rural new town committee of the town planning board, mr michael lai ; chairman of the sub - committee on south east kowloon development review of harbour - front enhancement committee, dr chan wai - kwan ; and the deputy director of planning, miss ophelia wong

  11. Tiger woods will appear on " larry king live " on friday

  12. Tdf is a trusty partner of many well - known enterprises and professional present companies thanks to its excellent development, rational prices and high - quality services

  13. The kerui co., ltd specially managed in the production and the sales of the medicaines, the biochemical in stallations thedairy products the drinking production line and beers the hygiene fluid fitting. our comany have made the rapid profress by the support of the social personalities of various circles and hard efforts of all the workes. we insist to rely on the sience and technology, so that we can always aboorb the experience of the internal and external advanced engineering of the medicines and the food mechanical processing, and we insist to creat boldly on the reseach and the manufacture. werec - ommend the high quality talented persons, strengthen the company inner management, go in for the market constest. positively through the flexible strategy and tactics. seek the existence by the quality serves, seek the development by the progress of the science and technology, so that we are accepted and trusted by the numerous customers, and the economic benefits progressd tapidly. out company will advanced greatly in the waves of market economy

  14. Excellent reliability excellent handling of high current audio pulses

  15. Wuhua hotel is the three - star hotel which is under the jurisdiction of the group company of goods and materials of henan and managed by global tour hotel management co., ltd. of henan. hotel lie in no. 38 wuwei road of zhengzhou, adjoin the political, economic, cultural centre of henan, easily accessible, the geographical position is superior. since hotels are open, successively honoured with the three - star star hotels concerning foreign affairs, the whole province and welcomed honorary titles such as the hotel by consumers the most, national best star hotel, outstanding star hotel of henan province, etc. first in trade passes iso9002 quality system authentication hotels in the national hotel. if we inherit " scientific management is customer - focused ", quality first ", gain trust from friends and guests with meticulous service

  16. Ernst & young is the trusted business advisor to companies in many diverse industries and serve our clients with the highest levels of integrity, quality, professionalism and independence

  17. To create a platform that attracts the most outstanding people to ensure that d. phone is the most trusted partner and provide the best products and service for the consumer, this we believe will achieve our ultimate objective and reinforce our social values

  18. It is given credit to by the customers home and abroad for good reputation, first - class products and all - round service

  19. On this occasion, the facility was host to many celebrators of the chinese new year, and amazingly, through masters grace the unpleasant weather that had been forecast for the day gave way to bright sunshine, changing the sky into a heavenly blue canopy

  20. Not only has the break allowed ashley cole to have a full service, he has obviously also had his turbo charger re - installed over the summer as well