端對 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [duānduì]
端對 英文
end on端對耦合 end-on coupling
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (東西的頭) end; extremity 2 (事情的開頭) beginning 3 (門類; 方面) item; point 4 (原...
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (回答) answer; reply 2 (對待; 對付) treat; cope with; counter 3 (朝; 向; 面對) be tr...
  1. Recently, ldl apheresis has been applied in clinic and achieves a satisactory effect. in this dissertation, the tripeptide, serine - aspartic - glutamic acid ( sde ), which existes in the cooh - terminal end of the seven repeats in the ligand binding domain of the ldl receptor and plays an important role in identifying ldl, was synthetized and immobilized onto the polyacrylamide ( paam ) beads as a bionic adsorbent for selective removal of ldl from plasma

    本論文以絲氨酰-天冬氨酰-谷氨酸( sde )負電性三肽(此三肽廣泛存在於ldl受體配體結合域7個重復序列的羧基末ldl受體特異性識別ldl起著重要作用)作為配體固定到聚丙烯酰胺微球載體上製成仿生性ldl親和吸附劑,考察其人血漿中ldl及hdl的吸附功效。
  2. The hospital is answered to take out the injection overcoming a family name that fixed art uses after two half moon, classics x radiograph shows : fracture carries counterpoint good to the line, show an articulatory clearance is normal, scab having character grows

  3. I forgive those ancestors who were racist or bigots and believed in extreme right or wrong

  4. Resection of the cecum was performed with an uneventful postoperative course

  5. Eastman and guinness were at opposite extremes on the scale of disconfirmation

  6. After analysising the theory and characteristics of the corba and mobile agent technologies, the paper brings forward firstly a kind of mobile agent architecture - coma, and gives the solution to coma ' s asynchronous transfer, concurrent control, naming, location and intelligence mechanism in detail. furthermore, aiming at making up the flaws of the application servers based on corba in distributed group environment and solving the problem of object ' s remotion on the corba server, the paper proposes a kind of corba architecture based on mobile agent - maorb, discusses naming and transparent transfer of mobile agent in a maorb system in detail, and gives a reasonable improvement method

    本文在分析了corba和移動agent這兩種分散式技術的運行原理及其特點之後,首先提出一種應用於協同環境下的移動agent體系結構coma ,並詳細給出了coma的異步遷移、並發控制、命名和尋址,智能化機制這幾個關鍵技術的解決方法。進而,為了彌補單純的利用corba技術來構建分散式集群環境中應用服務器的不足,解決corba服務端對象的可移動性問題,本文又提出了一種基於coma的corba體系結構maorb ,詳細討論了maorb系統中移動agent的命名和透明遷移以及corba和coma的結合度問題,並給出了合理的解決方案。
  7. The model, on extent, can keep sensitive data safe in most enterprises. in the dissertation, importance of data transmittal and database security are illustrated, the customer requisite analysis and the entire design are elaborated as well

  8. The worst of these problems afflicts pop - ups, drop - downs and cascading menus alike. all hide most of a site ' s options from the casual user

  9. The report server web service performs end - to - end processing for reports that run on demand

  10. Mobile agent, which originates from distributed - system research area and indicates the future of internet, is the result of gradually developed distributed - system technology. nevertheless, as a new concept, the mobile agent is probed both home and abroad. hence. there ' s neither regular model nor detailed description of agent. taking it for granted, this essy aims at the availiblity of mobile agent on the base of the mobility and autonomy of it. this essy then describes the " agent - based and fully materialized virtual database in the electronical book market system ", in which the author plays an importmant role. as regard to this sysetm, a uniform mirror database ( book market ) of all sourcedatabases is established and, with the help of the mobile agent, it ensures more instant access to diversified book information the customer needed. when some data is changed in the source termiante, the mobile agent then carries modification informations and moves from the source terminate to the mirror terminate, and, by doing relevant operations, the diferrent databases in different ends then become consistent

    本文描述了筆者參與開發的一個系統: 「基於移動agent的全具象vdb電子書市系統」 。本系統以移動agent為基礎,通過建立各個數據源(書店)數據庫的一個總的鏡像數據庫(書市)來實現客戶數據查詢的即時性和快速性。每個源數據庫一經修改,由移動agent攜帶相關修改信息移動到鏡像端對數據庫進行相應操作,從而保證源數據庫與鏡像數據庫的一致。
  11. Five hundred miles from beijing is the beginnings of martial arts story that is to this day a living legend

  12. This approach uses ibm db2 data warehouse edition, version 8. 2. 1, which offers end - to - end business intelligence software at very affordable price, especially for the mid - market customer

    該方法使用ibm db2 data warehouse edition version 8 . 2 . 1 ,它以用戶可承擔的價格提供了端對的商業智能軟體,特別是于中型市場的客戶。
  13. On the territory issue, neither china or india can underestimate the other ' s military or political strength, and relying on military force to resolve the territorial dispute wouldn ' t work for the governments on both sides ; relying on diplomatic negotiations to resolve the problem will be a drawn - out process, one that won ' t see success in just one or two talks

  14. But the drawbacks in the present circulation of medicines have brought about some negative pressures on them to enjoy medical treatment

  15. In ten years of latter stage of qing dynasty, the criminal law reform that qing government pursued, the modernization of chinese law important sign that take, it is the beginning that china ' s criminal law takes in modernization

  16. Straight thread connector for butt joints - assembly

  17. That represents a client s request for a resource

  18. The result is a tested end - to - end scenario

  19. Once enlisted, calls by clients to commit or abort the

  20. Face - to - face and end - to - end dimensions of valves