旅途 的英文怎麼說

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旅途 英文
journey; trip
  • : Ⅰ名1 [軍事] (軍隊的編制單位) brigade 2 (泛指軍隊) troops; force 3 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 ...
  • : 名詞(道路) road; route; journey; path; way
  1. Blood of wound or dust of travel that's a man's adornment.

  2. " but tell me now, count, " exclaimed albert, delighted at the idea of having to chaperon so distinguished a person as monte cristo ; " tell me truly whether you are in earnest, or if this project of visiting paris is merely one of the chimerical and uncertain air castles of which we make so many in the course of our lives, but which, like a house built on the sand, is liable to be blown over by the first puff of wind ?

    「請告訴我,伯爵, 」阿爾貝大聲說道,他想到能介紹一位象基督山伯爵這樣出色的人物,心裏高興, 「請實話告訴我,您訪問巴黎的這個計劃,究竟是出於真心呢,還是那種我們在人生旅途中逢場作戲常許的空願,象一座建築在沙堆上的房屋一樣,被風一吹就倒了? 」
  3. At 8 : 30, the subdecanal dr. hong xiaowen of microsoft asia academe came into the assembly room and answered students ' questions elaborately

    晚8 : 30 ,微軟亞洲研究院副院長洪小文博士不顧旅途疲勞,親自來到講座會場和同學們交流,對同學們關心的問題給與了詳盡而精彩的解答。
  4. In spite of all the awfulness of what was happening during the last day or two in moscow and the first days of the journey, that feeling, that consciousness of the intervention of providence in her personal affairs, was a source of joy to sonya

  5. She braveed the journey to new york.

  6. We went down accordingly into the waste, and began to make our tiresome and devious travel towards the eastern verge.

  7. When the dragline is caught in a turbulent breeze, it becomes highly contorted, catching air like an open parachute and sending the spider on an unknown journey

  8. Never, with my consent, shall that intercourse cease which has been the day - dawn of my existence, the sun which has shed warmth on the cold drear length of the anticipated prospect of life

  9. The generous treatment the captain gave me, i can never enough remember ; he would take nothing of me for my passage, gave me twenty ducats for the leopard s skin, and forty for the lyon s skin which i had in my boat, and caused every thing i had in the ship to be punctually deliver d me, and what i was willing to sell he bought, such as the case of bottles, two of my guns, and a piece of the lump of bees - wax, for i had made candles of the rest ; in a word, i made about 220 pieces of eight of all my cargo, and with this stock i went on shoar in the brasils

  10. Eyeshades, neckrests, blow - up pillows and earplugs can all help you get comfortable and therefore sleep better on a flight

  11. She could give no fictitious representation of her journey to rome.

  12. Lastly at the head of the board was the young poet who found a refuge from his labours of pedagogy and metaphysical inquisition in the convivial atmosphere of socratic discussion, while to right and left of him were accommodated the flippant prognosticator, fresh from the hippodrome, and that vigilant wanderer, soiled by the dust of travel and combat and stained by the mire of an indelible dishonour, but from whose steadfast and constant heart no lure or peril or threat or degradation could ever efface the image of that voluptuous loveliness which the inspired pencil of lafayette has limned for ages yet to come

  13. The journey was fraught with difficulties

  14. It was a busy, as it turned out, fretful journey.

  15. We take you on a journey, through a grandfather, we call " gramps, " and he is telling a story to his grandson, " michael. " michael, a preteen, adores gramps, but he thinks that gramps is a dreamer and a storyteller and not grounded in reality. but michael loves science and gramps doesnt know about electrons and protons and electromagnetic radio

  16. It was brently mallard who entered, a little travel - stained, composedly carrying his 16 ) gripsack and umbrella

  17. I am just off. happy landing to us both.

  18. Fortunately and thanks to god, a small number of these beauties have a happy landing, even though the long journey turns out to be too long and tiring

  19. The journey was hazardous.

  20. He has some more places to visit on his itinerary