中文拼音 [wéi]
Ⅰ動詞1. (連接) tie up; hold together; link 2. (保持; 保全) maintain; safeguard; preserve; keep Ⅱ名詞1. (思想) thinking; thought 2. [數學] (構成空間的每一個因素) dimension 3. (姓氏) a surname
  1. The pathology characteristic that liver fiber changes is collect there are many fibre hyperplasia and deposit inside abbacy and liver flocculus, but have not form the interval inside flocculus, liver cirrhosis has false flocculus to form, central vein area and collect abbacy occurrence interval, the normal structure of liver is destroyed, liver fiber changes further progress to be liver cirrhosis namely

  2. Abdicate my role as princess of genovia

  3. Linear estimation of the number of zeros of abelian integrals for cubic isochronous centers

  4. On the maintenance and abidance of the party ' s political discipline

  5. " madame, " replied villefort, with a mournful smile, " i have already had the honor to observe that my father has - at least, i hope so - abjured his past errors, and that he is, at the present moment, a firm and zealous friend to religion and order - a better royalist, possibly, than his son ; for he has to atone for past dereliction, while i have no other impulse than warm, decided preference and conviction.

    「夫人, 」爾福苦笑著說道, 「我很幸運地看到我父親已經至少我希望公開承認了他過去的錯誤,他目前已是宗教和秩序的忠誠的朋友一個或許比他的兒子還要好的保皇黨,因為他是帶著懺悔之情,而我只不過是憑著一腔熱血罷了。 」
  6. To master percy apjohn at high school in 1880 he had divulged his disbelief in the tenets of the irish protestant church to which his father rudolf virag, later rudolph bloom, had been converted from the israelitic faith and communion in 1865 by the society for promoting christianity among the jews subsequently abjured by him in favour of roman catholicism at the epoch of and with a view to his matrimony in 1888

  7. By learning to celebrate rounder last rite, velan can guide the ghosts to heaven more ably

  8. Textual research proves it feasible to slice directly on 3 - d models and abnegate stl format file that is usually used in all kinds of rapid prototyping machine, it has a significantly practical value

  9. In melville island near darwin, australia, lives a race of aborigines called the tiwi.

  10. Folkloric uses have included a myriad of other indications, including psoriasis, infertility, gastrointestinal cramps, infections, and cancer and as an abortifacient. in china, bitter melons have been used in traditional chinese medicine for a long time. like most bitter - tasting foods, it stimulates digestion

    苦瓜有較高的營養價值,含有蛋白質脂肪各種氨基酸苦瓜代糖類生素a b c等人體不可缺少的營養物質,以及人體必需的無機鹽和鈣磷鐵等礦物質。
  11. Tumble abrasion of a fabric is highly dependent on the inherent fiber toughness.

  12. There have been attempts to modify the fiber chemically to resist abrasion enhancement.

  13. The fibers with moderate abrasion resistance include wool, cotton, and the high wet-modulus rayons.

  14. Frosting occurs when two fibers differing in both color and abrasion resistance are combined in a fabric.

  15. On average, the women who quaffed a beer or a glass of wine each day tended to have the mental agility of someone a year and a half younger than abstainers

  16. Using refined cotton, chloroacetic acid, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide as main feedstock, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose was made by the process of basification, etherification, abstersion and drying

  17. Meanwhile adopting two - step process of viscosity - decreasing method, i. e. adding hydrogen peroxide during the process of basification and abstersion to decrease the viscosity of alkaline cellulose, as a result the sodium carboxymethyl cellulose with ultra low viscosity was obtained

  18. Language is an essential ingredient of abstract thought.

  19. International political theory is rational knowledge that concerned international political essence, essential factors and internal contact, which discloses the essence of international politics and the changing law that based on the internal contcts, with the characteristics of indirective and abstractive

  20. When the economy increases at the annual speed of 8 % and the population increases at the annual sp eed of 1. 4 %, people ' s knowledge and abilities - human - capital improved so slowly that it was hard to achieve the self - value of the acquired human capital. the university is to explore the abstractive scholarism and spread the advanced culture, and it is the depot to cultivate the advanced human capital

    在經濟以年均8的速度增長,人口以年均1 . 4的速度增長的同時,人的知識與能力?人力資本的增長速度卻緩之又緩,即使業已獲得的人力資本也難以實現自身的價值。大學是探究學術,傳播文化的場所,是培養高級人力資本的基地,其主體價值系在教師和學者身上,教師的精神和物質待遇又繫於職稱等級結構之中。