fabric 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['fæbrik]
fabric 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 構造物,建築物;工廠;結構;(社會等的)組織;【地質學;地理學】組構。
2. 編織品,織物;纖維品;織法;質地。
adj. 形容詞 -able 可成型的,可塑造的。

  1. Tumble abrasion of a fabric is highly dependent on the inherent fiber toughness.

  2. Frosting occurs when two fibers differing in both color and abrasion resistance are combined in a fabric.

  3. Thus the type and magnitude of abrasive stresses that a fabric must withstand during use will vary with the type of garment or article.

  4. The construction and application of strength measurement curve of abies fabric root system with pull - out method

  5. Standard test methods for determining acceptability of ribbon welds in fabric cartridges

  6. It was the most elegant chamber in the flat, for it was hung with some light - colored fabric and contained a cheval glass framed in inlaid wood, a lounge chair and some others with arms and blue satin upholsteries

  7. Afm characterization of tio2 coated fabric and its photocatalysis reactivity

  8. Today, qsox has already developed become fiber fabric air distribution system manufacturing leader enterprise, and as it long - term accumulate ' s experience at make airiness wait for aspect ' s professional knowledge for basis, adopts many kinds technologies, make accomplish " circulation pattern society " become maybe

    今天, qsox (優值索斯? )已發展成為纖維織物空氣分佈系統製造業領導企業,並以其長期積累的經驗在通風等方面的專業知識為基礎,採用多種技術,使實現「循環型社會」成為可能。
  9. Determination of antistatic performance for fabric conditioners

  10. A yellowish - red dyestuff obtained from the seed aril of this plant, used especially to dye fabric and to color food products such as margarine and cheese

  11. The study is imitating subulate tool penterite armor fabric by method of test for puncture of paperboard and corrugated fiberboard, and to ascertain the laver of armor fabric for absorb energy and arrestment, and any difference angle to compare the rank of defying ball, for understanding the sharp to the rank of annor fabric defy penterite energy, and penterite deep, the lose energy relation of sharp

  12. Based on the analysis of thermal contact metamorphic aureoles, granitoid interior structure, quartz axis fabric and strain characters in the different rock unites of yuanshishan granitoid and its wall rocks, the emplacement mechanism of yanshishan granitoid was studied. the magmatic explictite dynamic was advanced in light of regional stress and magma dynamic research. those conclusion was synthesized to ascertain the emplacement mechanism - granitic magma ascended in dikes with the minimum critical width of the magma ascending channels about 2. 213. 88m and located in the core of yindianshan dome with the passive style of dyke explictite ; the later unite is a kind of multiple emplacement mechanism with the character of active emplacement of ballooning

    同時運用巖漿動力學原理從另一個角度探討其侵位驅動力。綜上指出:經分凝后的活動性巖漿在深部側向擠壓和浮力的聯合驅動下,沿深大斷裂以最小臨界寬度為2 . 213 . 88m的裂隙脈動上侵,整體以巖墻擴展的方式被動定位於銀殿山穹窿的核部,但後期屋面前單元具有主動侵位的特點應為一種復合定位機制。
  13. Dog leashes, baby carriages and horse blankets glow with reflectors or florescent tape and fabric

  14. Two or more layers of fabric are combined by pushing barbed needles through them.

  15. The company, in order to improve the key competitiveness of the products, the chain not merely devoted to the brand joins management, furnish a huge amount of money for building the production industrialized countries of about 35000 square meters at the same time, adopt the most advanced production equipment and high - quality fashion surface fabric imported, set up the research and development centre of the products and strong team of research and development of products of the battle array in hong kong at the same time, successively set up the products and developed and ground the room in hong kong, fuzhou, guangzhou, developed experience and succeeded in making the famous designers of a lot of brands to design meticulously for many years, the style of its product reflects the fashion of world, depart in order to make the flagship of fashionable women ' s clothing in 21st century

  16. Imported fabric, imported beech veneer, high grade lacquer, with advanced bentwood furniture producing and painting technology

  17. Woven glass fabric as inlay bituminous sheeting

  18. There are intensive structural and magmatic hydrothermal movement with obvious zonal surface shape alterations, which are demonstrated by silicified function, sericitization, potassium, epidotization, hornstone, etc. the ore structural fabric mainly behaves in form of filling action with minerals such as pyrite, chalcopyrite, salenite, blende and electrum, which typomorphic feature shows a hypothermal pattern of metallogeny

  19. Myanmar arts and crafts mostly pure hand - made, are the best souvenirs with reasonable prices, lacquerware, wood and ivory carving, tapestries, silverware, brassware, silk and cotton fabric and traditional garments, shoulder bags are some of the favourite items

  20. China textile limited project located in china ' s jiangsu " breadbasket " - - the jiangyan city. current domestic production of various kinds of acrobatic yarn - dyed fabric after dyed fabrics and professional manufacturers