fac 中文意思是什麼

fac 解釋
FAC = Foreign Affairs Commitee 外交委員會。

  1. In all those complexes, no matter which conformation ida assumes ( mer - or fac - style ), the two 0 atoms of 1n2o are both from carboxylic hydroxyl. however, by comparing the bond length, we can find that o ( 4 ) and o ( 2 ) atom is from different group in this complex, 0 ( 4 ) atom from carboxylic hydroxyl, whereas, 0 ( 2 ) from carboxylic carboxide

    值得注意的是:在這個雙核配合物中,我們首次發現一種新穎的配位方式: ida上與金屬離子配位的三齒螯合原子是亞氨n原子、一個羧基上的羥基o原子和另外一個羧基上的羰基o原子。
  2. Fac opening ceremony and teachers ' day celebration

  3. The fac clearly describes where the target is located

  4. Some variances are caused by fac ? tors that managers cannot control

  5. Administratorii de site fac bani

  6. Fac force - air cooling

  7. Fac is the principal parliamentary committee responsible for scrutinising the work of the

  8. Thirdly, the closed - loop design of the peak - current control applied to the im - fac converter is discussed

    論文還討論了採用峰值電流控制的im - fac變換器的閉環參數設計。
  9. The fac proceeds with an inquiry by first calling usually through a press notice - for written memoranda

  10. Laser designator has been switched off. aircraft must give a " laser on " command for the fac to designate again

  11. Pretreatment of arteries with dmso, catalase or glutathione before fac exposure prevented the decrease in contraction responses to pe ( po. 05 )

    第二部分,鐵對血管舒張功能的影響(無特殊說明,均為內皮完整的血管環) 。
  12. All voluntary acts in civil society has a common and indispensable fac tor : willenserlaerung ( declaration of intention ), hence all acts can be conclude in " juristic act ". the following chapter argues that civil law can not substitute the principle of private autonomy for freedom of contracts and sets forth the foundation of private autonomy, such as kantism, civil society. personal knowledge and governmentality

  13. Based on the thorough investigation of the post - regulation and efficiency in multiple output switching - mode power supplies, an optimal combination topology for multiple output switching converter is presented in this thesis, which is consisted of forward converter with active clamp ( fac ), synchronous rectification ( sr ) techniques and magnetic amplifier technique ( magamp )

    本文通過研究分析近年來多路輸出開關電源輔助輸出電壓調節和提高效率的方案,面對開關電源朝著輸出低電壓大電流方向發展的趨勢,提出多路輸出開關電源新的拓撲優化組合模式? ?有源鉗位正激變換器、同步整流技術、磁放大器。
  14. The anomalous fac pair creates a transient dusk - dawn electric field over the polar cap, tailing behind the original region current and drifting towards the night side until it falls into oblivion

  15. Should the buyer refuse to sign the fac, the buyer shall notify thales communications in writing of the reasons for such rejection within the same two ( 2 ) day period of time

  16. By convention, the government responds to a foreign affairs committee report, specifically addressing each conclusion and recommendation, via command paper published within two months of publication of the fac s own report

  17. When utilizing laser guidance, this notifies the fac that the bombs are falling and that laser designation must be maintained until impact

  18. After successful completion of the fat, thales communications shall issue and submit to the buyer ' s signature a factory acceptance certificate ( hereafter the " fac " ), which shall be signed by the buyer not later than two ( 2 ) days from its submission thereof

    在成功的完成了fat之後,泰雷茲通信公司應出具並提交給買方一份工廠驗收合格證(以下稱「 fac 」 ) ,此驗收合格證應由買方在提交后兩日之內簽字。
  19. The background interplanetary magnetic field is spiral with a vanishing south - north component, the initial ionosphere is dominated by the region field - aligned current ( fac ) and the corresponding dawn - dusk electric field, and the interplanetary shock collides with the earth along the sun - earth line

  20. Firstly, the thesis briefly introduces the key techniques relating to the power module, and points out that the magnetic - integration technique can improve the performance further. secondly, the characteristics of active - clamp forward converter are analyzed, and the notion of flux - coupling is proposed to derive the im - fac converter

    論文首先簡要介紹模塊電源及主要的幾種關鍵技術,指出模塊電源中應用磁集成技術可進一步提高其性能;接著分析了有源箝位正激變換器的工作特點,提出磁通有效耦合的思路,並據此得出im - fac變換器。