ma 中文意思是什麼

音標 [mɑ:]
ma 解釋
1. Minnesota. 2. 【化學】元素 masurium 的符號。
n. 名詞 〈兒口〉媽〈mamma 之略〉。
ma and pa 〈美國〉夫妻店,家庭經營的小店鋪。

  1. No, ma'am. i am quite accustomed to it.

  2. Both of the base architecture of ma system and the implementation of aglets, one of the most popular ma system developed with java language, are given in this section

    )本文在這部分給出了移動智能體支撐系統的基本體系結構,介紹了一種基於java的移動智能體系統實現? aglets 。
  3. Ma zaishan ' s experience on treatment of necrosis of femoral head due to alcoholic poisoning : a report of 100 cases

  4. Integrating the ages of the mafic dikes and alkalic - ultramafic dikes in this paper, and the known data of mafic dikes and volcanic rocks, at least, there existed four episodes mesozoic crustal extension in shandong province, namely, 80ma, 100ma, 120 ma and140ma, which is similar to that of sc ( south china ), indicating that maybe the effect of the subductio

    但魯東地區在地殼拉張方面可能存在著與魯西地區不同的制約因素:即魯東地區存在拆沉作用和可能存在地慢柱的影響』 、而魯西地區可能受到了郊廬斷裂的左行走滑剪切和拉張活動的影響。
  5. 12 mile trail race taking place early may in amherst, ma. general information, past results, and printable entry

  6. Carbon can promote the forming of carbide of fe3c mostly during the ma, while it seems that chromium makes amorphism easier. in addition, this paper also made a research on the milled powder forming technology, and presented some improvement methods

    機械合金化過程中,碳元素可以促進以fe _ 3c為主的碳化物的析出,鉻元素使粉末更趨向于非晶態轉變,並使材料出現超順磁現象。
  7. Alternatively, the continental collision models postulated that the ncc consists of two archean blocks ( the eastern and the western ), separated by ca. 1800 ma proterozoic erogenic belt

    而大陸碰撞拼合模型認為華北陸塊東部帶和西部帶於1870 - 1800ma沿中部帶碰撞拼合, 1800 - 1750ma左右發生強烈的碰撞后伸展作用。
  8. Most grow best and form pycnidia earlier on ma, and pda is slightly not fitful for pycnidia growth of the kind of fungi. none of the species can produce ascocarps in 60 days. esterase isoenzymes of 12 strains of rhytismataceae were studied by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and clustering analysis of upgma and 12 strains were classified into 4 groups when correlation coefficient is 3. 1

    結果表明大多數種在ma平板上菌落營養生長最好,產生分生抱子器及分生抱子的時間較早、能力較強; oa也是可選擇的培養基之一:而p a較不適宜於該類菌物的營養生長和分生抱子器產生。
  9. Clinical observation of 48 cases of infantile asthmatic cough treate d by ma long tang

  10. Villa athena, ma on shan - pai tau street, sha tin

  11. Ma, listen, we can buy our own baking soda

  12. Dr. ma had considered going along with bethune.

  13. Regarding postoperatie astigmatism, dr. ma said that less induced astigmatism was obsered in the patients who underwent the ultra - small - incision coaxial ( 應 為 bimanual ) phaco compared with that seen in the conentional procedure

  14. In separate research, liwei ma, md, phd, and colleagues at the fourth affiliated hospital of china medical uniersity, shenyang city, studied two groups of patients, one of which underwent bimanual microincision surgery and the other of which underwent conentional phaco

  15. There are many reports on the preparation and the formation mechanism of binary alloy using ma, but there arc few reports on the study of ternary alloy

  16. Biometrics : personalidentification in a networked society. norwell, ma : kluwer, 1999

  17. Man and biosphere ma programme unesco

  18. Blimey ! it ' s my dress is caught. - begging your pardon, ma ' am

  19. - blimey ! it ' s my dress is caught. - begging your pardon, ma ' am

  20. And heavy as if sweat blood horse, yi zhuang, rename there aren t horse sun not dark, name heavy as if horse say day ma yun "

    及得大宛汗血馬,益壯,更名烏孫馬曰西極,名大宛馬曰天馬雲" 。