laboring 中文意思是什麼

laboring 解釋
adj. 形容詞 1. 勞動的。
2. 費力的,辛苦的。
3. (船)劇烈顛簸的。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ly
  1. Arren spends his days laboring in the fields and interacting with nature, taught and guided by ged how all creation in the universe is realized on a balance

  2. Laboring muscles burn oxygen rapidly and pour out waste carbon dioxide.

  3. If to this long list you add the laboring women who are loudly demanding remuneration for their unending toil ; those women who teach in our seminaries, academies, and public schools for a miserable pittance ; the widows who are taxed without mercy ; the unfortunate ones in our workhouses, poor - houses, and prisons ; who are they that we do not now represent

  4. The rest periods did them little good and laboring on the trail was torture.

  5. Pansystolic murmurs begin with s1, extend throughout systole, and are characteristically uniform in intensity systolic ejection murmurs have been likened to the chug of a steam engine laboring up a hill, while pansystolic murmurs have been likened to the high - pitched wail of the engine ' s whistle

  6. After laboring there for several years, henson heard alarming news : the new master was planning to sell him for plantation work far away in the deep south

  7. To raise the ideological and ethical standards and scientific and cultural levels of the workers , peasants , intellectuals and other laboring people and the entire population and improve their labor skills and creativity and give full scope to their enthusiasm , initiative and creative power - these should remain the tasks of primary importance that our party should perform in representing china ' s advanced productive forces

  8. In order to make the small - scale farming mingle with macro - market, ease high tension between laboring population and acreage of farming land per capita, lead farmers to participate in intensive faming integration, and resolve the contradiction between micro - household and macro - market, the government should create a law framework of farming land contract, construct a marketing system transacting the ownership of the contracted farming land, and strengthen training rural surplus labors

  9. And a leveled systemic fault diagnosis model is established lastly. by laboring stretch - bending former system function demands, its condition monitoring contents and hardware testing platform are established. also, fault signals acquisition, examination and process methods are researched as well

  10. According to the idiographic complexion of our country, the article elucidated the connotation of conservation tillage : it ' s a technology of tillage with minimum tillage or no - tillage so as to reduce the soil ' s disturbing, using stalk cover the field so as to decrease laboring and tillage ' s cost, preventing wind & water erosion, and improving the fertility of soil and the ability of fight a drought

  11. Where the subject - matter insured is warranted free from particular average, either wholly or under a certain percentage, the insurer is nevertheless liable for salvage charges, and for particular charges and other expenses properly incurred pursuant to the provisions of the suing and laboring clause in order to avert a loss insured against

  12. The laboring farmer must be the first to partake of the fruit

  13. Over 4000 years ago, the laboring people of ancient china noticed the attracting property of the natural magnet.

  14. On lukacs ' s laboring thought on the pattern of social existence

  15. The wealth of society is created by the laboring people

  16. 4. clearly stipulate the law status of enterprise labors, having the laboring droit reverted to laboring power and obtaining the same law status with capital power ; increasing the employee supervisor ratio in supervisor board of company

    4 、明確規定企業勞動者的法律地位,使勞動權利在公司治理結構層面上還原為勞動權力,並獲得與資本權力等量齊觀的法律地位,在公司監事會中加大職工代表監事的比例。
  17. The aged man is laboring under the handicaps of old age

  18. The rebels labeled the labor laboring in the laboratory and lavatory

  19. Technology and the division of labor have done two things : by eliminating in many fields the need for special strength or skill, they have made a very large number of paid occupations which formerly were enjoyable work into boring labor, and by increasing productivity they have reduced the number of necessary laboring hours

  20. The first chapter summarizes the values of water, its price theory and definition. there are three theories mentioned : laboring axiology, marginal effect axiology and existence axiology. the paper reveals that the theory of laboring axiology discovered by marx can be used to the theoretical basis of the price making in our country