kaiser 中文意思是什麼

kaiser 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 德國皇帝。
2. 〈K-〉神聖羅馬帝國的皇帝。
3. 〈K-〉第一次世界大戰前德國和奧國的皇帝。
4. 〈K-〉行使絕對權威的人;獨裁者。
n. 名詞 -dom 皇帝的地位[權力、統治區]。
n. 名詞 -ism 獨裁政治。

  1. Burks, however, would soon discover he was not the only kidney patient struggling with kaiser

  2. In the world war the german jews had a record of insensate loyalty to the kaiser.

  3. The french refused, and the kaiser appealed to roosevelt for support.

  4. He had high regard for edgar kaiser as an aggressive and intelligent businessman.

  5. Kaiser, i don ' t know you and you have attacked me

  6. Now, this is just what kaiser and the army are iooking for

  7. Now, this is just what kaiser and the army are looking for

  8. Different kinds of kaiser rolls, pita bread

  9. So did the kaiser and the entire german army

  10. Obtain these chief research achievements. ( 1 ) the method of hydraulic fracturing, kaiser effect experiment and the finite element numerical simulation computation results, the direction of maximum horizontal principal stress intersect the small - angle of tunnel axial line, it is favorable to the stability of tunnel peripheral rock ; according to the test rust of field stress - relief method, at the present time, zhe gu mount tunnel have n ' t access to high crustal stress site, maximum principal stress magnitude is 17mpa ~ 20mpa

    主要獲得以下研究成果: ( 1 )綜合水壓致裂法、室內巖石kaiser效應試驗和有限元數值模擬計算研究成果,最大水平主應力方向與隧道洞軸線小角度相交,對隧道圍巖穩定性有利;根據現場應力解除法測試結果,目前鷓鴣山隧道尚未進入高地應力段,最大主應力量級為17mpa 20mpa 。
  11. In the midst of all this forest fire of fury, one little boy wrote the kaiser a simple, sincere letter glowing with kindliness and admiration

  12. You know why you ' re called the kaiser

  13. They don ' t all call you the kaiser

  14. There is a casket in the hoid, sir, from kaiser wiiheim hospitai

  15. He had high regard for edgar kaiser as an aggressive and intelligent businessman

  16. Looking back in time, one of the recurring images i ll never forget is to see kaiser franz with just raising his hand, putting the entire opposing team offside

  17. This, on average, now costs some $ 12, 000 a year for a family of four, according to the kaiser foundation, a washington think - tank

  18. Generalized frames for a hilbert space h were first introduced by g. kaiser [ 2 ] in 1995

    隨著小波分析的興起和發展,框架理論得到進一步完善。 1995年, g
  19. " young people are n ' t just going online to download the latest song from the red hot chili peppers or look for information on george clooney ' s latest movie, " said vicky rideout, the vice president of kaiser family foundation and director of the program. " they ' re also looking for information on health issues that are really important to them.

    愷撒家庭基金會副主席維奇賴德奧特主持了這項調查,他說: "現在的年輕人上網並不僅僅下載一些紅辣椒樂隊的新歌或者了解一些喬治克魯尼新片的消息,他們從網上獲得一些健康和醫藥知識,這對他們是非常重要的。
  20. The return of impounded vehicles swg chairman is new territories north ( traffic ) senior superintendent mr kaiser chiu kam - fai