kail 中文意思是什麼

kail 解釋
n. 名詞 =kale.
  1. Tis because there s a new hand come among us, said jonathan kail

    「這是因為我們中間來了一個新人, 」約納森凱爾說。
  2. I couldn make nobody hear at all by knocking, apologized jonathan kail, for it was he at last ; and as t was raining out i opened the door. i ve brought the things, sir

    「我敲了門,但是根本就沒有人聽得見, 」約納森凱爾抱歉地說,這回到底是他來了「外面正在下雨,所以我就把門打開了。
  3. There was something subdued in jonathan kail s tone which had not been there in the day, and lines of concern were ploughed upon his forehead in addition to the lines of years

  4. Even mr clare began to feel tragical at the dairyman s desperation. conjuror fall, t other side of casterbridge that they used to call " wide - o ", was a very good man when i was a boy, said jonathan kail

    「在我小的時候,卡斯特橋那邊住著個魔術師,名叫福爾,大家習慣叫他大圓圈,他倒是一個道行高的人, 」約納森凱爾說。
  5. She heard jonathan kail s heavy footsteps up and down the stairs till he had done placing the luggage, and heard him express his thanks for the ale her husband took out to him, and for the gratuity he received

  6. Whenever this happened the dairy was paralyzed. squish, squash, echoed the milk in the great cylinder, but never arose the sound they waited for. dairyman crick and his wife, the milkmaids tess, marian, retty priddle, izz huett, and the married ones from the cottages ; also mr clare, jonathan kail, old deborah, and the rest, stood gazing hopelessly at the churn ; and the boy who kept the horse going outside put on moon - like eyes to show his sense of the situation