kaka 中文意思是什麼

kaka 解釋
n. 名詞 (紐西蘭產的)卡卡鸚鵡。

  1. There ' s also kaka, who had a great year last year, and we ' ll have to be careful of him

    同樣還有卡卡,他去年非常棒,我們會注意盯防他的。 」
  2. I love kaka just because he is the son of god

  3. I like kaka, ac milan ' s brazilian football star !

  4. For example against empoli, kaka will not play the entire game

  5. Kaka kaka. kept taking pictures

  6. Kaka, we will love you with all we have as we love our life

  7. How do you assess the midfield battle and is kaka the man you ' ve got to watch

  8. Ac milan ace kaka has shut the door on any chance of moving to real madrid

  9. Kaka said, “ don ‘ t cry because it is over, smile because it happened

  10. Kaka, don ‘ t try so hard, the best things come when you least expect them to

  11. Messi is exceptional, while kaka is an absolute genius - who wouldn ` t want him ?

  12. Moneybags chelsea are thought to have made brazilian international kaka their top transfer target for next summer

  13. Ac milan president silvio berlusconi is already comparing new signing alexandre pato with kaka

  14. kaka is a phenomenon. he ' s a great player, champion and man. as long as he ' s playing like this, then milan can ' t help but be in good shape

    「卡卡是一個現象.他是一名偉大的冠軍球員,也是一個好人.只要他保持這種狀態,米蘭就會所向披靡. 」
  15. Kaka intercepts in midfield then plays a quick one - two with shevchenko before racing on goal. the brazilian send his diagonal shot a yard wide of the right post

  16. With victory or without victory, kaka is always with milan. out of question kaka will be the next banner of milan

  17. It is this level - headed approach that has made kaka a popular member of the milan squad

  18. In the first half he was lobbed by massimo ambrosini from the most bizarre of angles, before then conceding a penalty from which kaka scored

  19. Kaka, you belong to jesus, jesus loves you ; you belong to croline ; croline loves you ; you belong to your parents, your parents love you ; you belong to your fans ; your fans love you ; but i love you, you don ' t belong to me

  20. Kaka ( ac milan ) - still needs to fine tune some things, but for his first game in italy, he played fantastically