yag 中文意思是什麼

yag 解釋
YAG = yttrium aluminum garnet 釔鋁柘榴石〈用於產生激光束的氧化鋁合成晶石〉。

  1. Cauterization of canine peripheral lung tissue withnd yag laser by thoracoscopy

  2. Argon, yag laser coagulators ar, yag

  3. Argon yag laser coagulators ar yag

  4. Along with developing of the commercial availability of high - power ingaas laser diode in the 1990s, the advantage of yb : yag suitable for the ld pumped high power solid - state lasers was realized

    對ld泵浦的高功率yb : yag固體激光器的研究已成為當前熱點,並將其視為發展高效、高功率固體激光器的一個主要方向。
  5. Er : yag laser is widely used in dentistry

    Er : yag激光在牙科上有著廣泛的運用。
  6. With the third harmonic 355nm nd : yag laser as the exposal source, the lithography of su - 8 photoresist is studied

    本文採用波長為355nm的三倍頻nd : yag激光作為曝光光源,對su - 8光刻膠進行光刻研究。
  7. Application of holmium yag laser in brain tumor surgery

  8. Treatment of ureteral calculi using ureteroscope and holmium : yag laser lithotripsy

  9. Objective : to compare the clinical effect of domestic and imported holmium : yag with rigid ureteroscope for the treatment of ureteral calculi

  10. Nd yag laser therapy for early glottic carcinoma of larynx

  11. Test method for normal pulse lasing threshold and slope efficiency of nd : yag laser rods

  12. Test method for continuous lasing threshold, slope efficiency and output power of nd : yag laser rods

  13. The characteristics of different nonlinear crystals for frequency - doubled nd : yag 946 nm laser have been compared, a biaxial crystal, lbo, has been chosen for frequency doubling in our experiment

  14. The experiment of intracavity doubling of a 946 nm nd : yag laser with an lbo crystal has been done at room temperature. a continuous wave 473 nm laser is obtained with 235mw output power at a pump power of 20w. the laser beam quality of 473 nm is good as well

    對腔內倍頻輸出473nm激光進行了初步的實驗研究,在泵浦功率為20w時, l獲得了光束質量較好的連續波形式的藍光激光輸出,其功率為200mw 。
  15. Study on ld side - pumped nd : yag slab double - pass amplifier

  16. A study of yag single crystal faceted luminescent screen

  17. Repetitive, raman shifted, yag laser with twin - wavelength outputs

  18. Improving design of a yag pulsed laser power system

  19. Yag laser processing equipment for semiconductor trimming

  20. Yag laser processing equipment for semiconductor lithorgraphy yag