wire 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['waiə]
wire 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 金屬線,銅絲,鐵絲,鋼絲;【電學】導線;線路;金屬絲網;【造紙】抄網。
2. 電信;〈口語〉電報。
3. 〈pl. 〉(木偶的)牽線,操縱繩;背後操縱的勢力;秘密引線;秘密策略。
4. 〈美俚〉對囚犯好的看守。
5. 〈美賽馬〉終點線。
vt. 及物動詞 ,vi. 不及物動詞 1. 用金屬絲卷[綁住]。
2. (在…)安電線;用金屬線穿(珠子)。
3. 用鐵絲網捉(鳥)。
4. 電送;〈口語〉(給…)打電報。
5. 把…聯入(電腦網路)。

  1. Conducting wire core : adopt soft copper wire, its performance is accordant with gb395683

  2. Conducting wire core : adopting tinning soft brass wires, its performance is accordant with gb395683

  3. Conducting wire core : adopt tinning soft copper wire, its performance is accordant with gb395683

  4. Treatment of posterior dislocation of hip joint combined with posterior wall fractures of acetabulum with internal fixtion of absorbable screws and kirschner wire

  5. Polyvinyl acetal enamelled rectangular copper wire

  6. Polyvinyl acetal enamelled round aluminium wire

  7. Polyvinyl acetal enamelled round copper wire

  8. A gate is composed of two color - striped poles that are suspended from an aerial wire that spans the race waterway

  9. Jbl , jbt , jb - tl specific forms parallel groove clamp is suitable for unendure force splicing and branch on the aerial wire, being used with insulation cover. it ' s action is insulation protection

  10. Wire rope for aerial ropeways - code for examination and discard

  11. However, up to today with the development of social industrialization, especially the advance of building and building technology, the successive appearance of land three - dimensional usage such as high building, overhead railway, underground railway, air corridor, underground market, the wire of high voltage and last sewer etc., at the same time, many problems produced by the ownership and the usage of land space also have been put forward

    土地所有權的行使及於土地的上下,土地所有權的效力「上達天宇,下及地心」 。然而,時至今日,隨著社會工業化的發展,特別是現代化土木、建築技術的進步,高樓大廈、高架鐵路、地下鐵道、空中走廊、地下商場、高壓電線、上下水道等土地立體化利用情形陸續出現,同時,因對土地空間所有和利用所產生的諸多問題也開始被提出。
  12. Rolliver s inn, the single alehouse at this end of the long and broken village, could only boast of an off - license ; licence, as nobody could legally drink on the premises, the amount of overt accommodation for consumers was strictly limited to a little board about six inches wide and two yards long, fixed to the garden palings by pieces of wire, so as to form a ledge

  13. First installation in canada ( edmonton, alta. ). invention of small dial and two - wire system eliminating ground at subscriber ' s station

  14. The riding position of signal wire was not always in the vertex of the impression from the conclusions of production, but in the position in which aluminous liquid tilted at last

  15. By moving inside the wire of commandant amon goeth ' s camp -

  16. By moving inside the wire of commandant amon goeth ' s camp - -

  17. Initial growths of disturbances are measured by means of hot - wire anemometry. due to the detected signals with low signal to noise ratio, the coherence function is used to eliminate background noise during data reduction

  18. Nodular anhydrite and enterolithic and chicken-wire structures themselves do not signify the sabkha environment.

  19. The shell of an electrical appliance is grounded by attaching it with a wire to a gas or water pipe.

  20. Arc welding equipment - part 5 : wire feeders