vacation 中文意思是什麼

音標 [və'keiʃən;vei'keiʃən]
vacation 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 假期;休假;(法庭等的)休庭期。
2. 搬出,遷出,退出;辭職。
3. (職位的)空缺(期間)。
vi. 不及物動詞 〈美國〉放假,休假;度假。
go vacationing 去休假旅行。
-er, -ist n. 名詞 〈美國〉度假者,放假休息的人,休假旅行的人。

  1. Factors influencing early physiological acclimatization of the construction workers re - entering plateau after winter vacation

  2. A : i ' m here on vacation. it has alway * * * een my dream to come to china

    (我到這里來度假。我一直都夢想著來中國。 )
  3. Roll up your area rugs and walk around the house barefoot, like you ' re on a beach house vacation

  4. As the group s 1996 debut album " reverence " went on to sell some five million copies worldwide, dido began working on solo material, developing a lushly ethereal sound combining elements of acoustic pop and electronica ; signing with arista, she released her debut cd " no angel " in mid - 1999. her favorite vacation spot is barbados. she likes music from air moon safari to missy elliot supa dupa fly

    如果你對dido蒂朵這個名字陌生的話那你肯定聽過這屆格萊美獎上rap歌手eminem阿姆和elton john演唱的壓軸曲stan這首歌收錄在eminem的超級大痞子專輯中而和eminem合唱就是dido這位來自英國的創作才女。
  5. Accordingly, mr. stryver inaugurated the long vacation with a formal proposal to take miss manette to vauxhall gardens ; that failing, to ranelagh ; that unaccountably failing too, it behoved him to present himself in soho, and there declare his noble mind

  6. Stryver having made up his mind to that magnanimous bestowal of good fortune on the doctor s daughter, resolved to make her happiness known to her before he left town for the long vacation

  7. My vacation had been blissful.

  8. Broad band can suit your business needs while on vacation

  9. The vacation time bung heavy on tom ' s hands because all his friends were away at camp

  10. You vacation in my bungalow and now you go jump ship

  11. Your carefree vacation is to be sublimed here

  12. Does summer vacation time work ( is junior high school unripe ) why to calculate child labour ? how is child labour defined

  13. Elizabeth and lawrence are chomping at the bit to go on vacation

  14. To find out, make christchurch your next vacation destination

  15. Vacation exchange france provence - cote d azur

  16. The accident put a crimp in our vacation plans

  17. Vacation rental accommodation croatia

  18. Fellas, i think daff ' s right. maybe i ' ll take a vacation

  19. Unfortunately, “ male preference ” phenomena exist in some units when they employ summer vacation day labors

  20. A number of graduates voluntarily took up day labors during this summer vacation, instead of be engaged in traveling and craze parties as usual