wage 中文意思是什麼

音標 [weidʒ]
wage 解釋
n. 名詞 〈常 pl. 〉1. 工資。
2. 報應。
vt. 及物動詞 1. 實行,進行,作(戰等) (on against)。
2. 〈方言〉雇傭。
3. 〈古語〉打賭;抵押;擔保。

  1. They decided to wage a war of attrition rather than to rely on an all-out attack.

  2. On the other hand, the active method that collect pay sets, social insurance premium is executed collect pay integratedly, by revenue management by cess wu mechanism system executes apanage to collect, by capture cost individual and pay cost unit press formulary scale, tax of the salary with individual income tax, wage declare to orgnaization of social security agency along with all the others, duty reaching the ground collects sectional pay

  3. Wage arrear of migrants an empirical analysis using china ' s urban labor survey data

  4. “ it ' s easy to find a job with not a very high salary, ” said chen zheng, a 24 - year - old autoworker and high school graduate in ningbo. “ it ' s not easy if you want a higher wage

  5. A census in 1980 revealed that approximately 6 percent of rural nigerien men are wage earners.

  6. In order to circumvent the straitjacket of national wage rates, employers in many cities offer non-pecuniary rewards to their workers.

  7. Fully qualified civil engineers of forty were happy to work as draughtsmen for a low wage.

  8. A research on civil servants ' wage system of our country

  9. The conventional wisdom is that high wage rises increase inflation

  10. The conventional wisdom is that high wage rise will increase inflation

  11. Wage increases have cushioned us from the effects of higher prices.

  12. The first, if this pairs rest, day laborer provided work, unit of choose and employ persons cannot be arranged quite again fill those who rest, because this weekday is not normal weekday, unit of choose and employ persons should according to " labor law " formulary standard grants overwork wage

  13. Clause 12 as referred to in paragraph 1 of article 73, a creditor ' s right exclusively personal to the obligor means a claim for alimony, child support, parental support or succession, or, a claim for wage, retirement pension, old age pension, death benefits, relocation allowance or life insurance, or, a personal injury claim

  14. Answer : special disease includes the following range : ( one ) the outpatient service of malignant tumor puts cure, change cure ; ( 2 ) the outpatient service that chronic kidney merit fails is dialytic ; ( 3 ) after kidney transplant art fight repulsion to medication ; ( 4 ) chronic leukaemia ; ( 5 ) aplastic anemia ; ( 6 ) pajinsen disease ; ( 7 ) lupus erythematosus ; ( 8 ) liver is sclerotic ; ( 9 ) schizophrenia ; ( 10 ) other must undertake outpatient service medications uninterruptedly for a long time ( be like hypertensive, diabetic etc ), and cost of drug of every quarter outpatient service exceeds worker of the year on this city the disease of 15 % above plants average wage

    答:非凡疾病包括以下范圍: (一)惡性腫瘤的門診放療、化療; (二)慢性腎功衰竭的門診透析; (三)腎移植術后的抗排斥藥物治療; (四)慢性白血病; (五)再生障礙性貧血; (六)帕金森氏癥; (七)紅斑狼瘡; (八)肝硬化; (九)精神分裂癥; (十)其他必須長期不間斷地進行門診藥物治療(如高血壓、糖尿病等) ,並且每季度門診藥品費用超過本市上年度職工平均工資15 %以上的病種。
  15. That would upset the wage differential.

  16. Existing distortions in wage differentials will be magnified.

  17. The wage due to him will be paid tomorrow.

  18. The company was accused of paying workers in south africa a wage below the level recommended by britain and the eec.

  19. There was overwhelming opposition to empowering him to wage a declared naval war.

  20. The wage system for our country ' s public servant set in early 1993, is not just likely random in the respect of carrying out the policy, but also it resulted in new equalitarian, and the impetus of encouraging with wage is ineffective