wage day 中文意思是什麼

wage day 解釋

  • wage : n. 〈常 pl. 〉1. 工資。2. 報應。vt. 1. 實行,進行,作(戰等) (on against)。2. 〈方言〉雇傭。3. 〈古語〉打賭;抵押;擔保。
  • day : n. 戴〈姓氏〉。n. 1. 日,一日。2. 節日;規定的日期,約定的日子。3. 晝,白晝,白天;日光。4. 〈常 pl. 〉時代;全盛時代。5. 壽命,生平。6. (某日的)戰斗;勝負,勝利。
  1. The first, if this pairs rest, day laborer provided work, unit of choose and employ persons cannot be arranged quite again fill those who rest, because this weekday is not normal weekday, unit of choose and employ persons should according to " labor law " formulary standard grants overwork wage

  2. Successful examples of such tripartite cooperation included the mapping out of enlightened human resources strategies by the respective committees to resolve labour relations issues arising from the outbreak of sars, the continued vigorous promotion on the use of written employment contracts, and keeping of wage records for the construction industry as well as the clear promulgation of rest day arrangements for the catering industry

  3. When a person works an honest day and receives a fair pay, this is a wage

  4. When a peerson works an honest day and receives a fair pay, this is a wage

  5. The daily rate of sickness allowance is equal to four - fifths the normal wage for that day

  6. 64. the daily rate of sickness allowance is equal to four - fifths the normal wage for that day

    64 .每日的疾病津貼相等於該日正常工資的五分之四。
  7. Department of basis original labor " about < labor law > the specification of a certain number of article " ( fatigue does hair [ 1994 ] 289 ) release with government of heibei province people " minimum wage of worker of heibei province industry is provisional set " ( save a government, laborer is in following and off during regard as provided normal work, answer to pay salary lawfully : legal and off day, it is the time with the off worker that fingering law, code provides, include legal red - letter day ( namely holiday of etc of new year ' s day, spring festival, may day, national day ) and legal belt firewood year off, visit one ' s family false, bear, birth control, inductrial injury, occupational disease

    根據原勞動部《關于勞動法若干條文的說明》 (勞辦發1994 289號)和河北省人民政府發布的《河北省企業職工最低工資暫行規定》 (省政府第135號令) ,勞動者在下列休假期間視為提供了正常勞動,應依法支付工資:法定休假日,是指法律、法規規定的勞動者休假的時間,包括法定節日(即元旦、春節、國際勞動節、國慶節及其他節假日)以及法定帶薪年休假、探親假、生育、節育、工傷、職業病等。
  8. Average man - day counts worker total days and working hours mixes 167. 4 hours for 20. 92 days respectively, the worker ' s daily wages and hour wage should undertake convert by this

    職工全年月平均工作天數和工作時間分別為20 . 92天和167 . 4小時,職工的日工資和小時工資應按此進行折算。
  9. Accordingly, average man - day counts worker total days and working hours is adjusted respectively for 20, 92 days are mixed 167, 4 hours, the worker ' s daily wages and hour wage undertake convert by this

    據此,職工全年月平均工作天數和工作時間分別調整為20 、 92天和167 、 4小時,職工的日工資和小時工資按此進行折算。
  10. According to " labor law " and " tianjin city salary pays a regulation ", this year 11 golden weeks, before 3 days are legal and off day, be in 1 day namely, 3 days of 2 day, overwork laborer, enterprise should according to not under him laborer of daily wages or hour wage 300 % pay overwork salary

    按照《勞動法》和《天津市工資支付規定》 ,就今年十一黃金周而言,前3天是法定休假日,也就是在1日、 2日、 3日加班的勞動者,企業應按照不低於勞動者本人日工資或小時工資的300 %支付加班工資。
  11. Ticket prices are rising sharply ; the average premiership game costs ? 35, practically a day ' s take - home pay for someone on minimum wage

  12. To realize the value of one day, ask a daily wage laborer who has ten kids to feed

  13. To realize the value of one day, ask a daily wage laborer who has ten kids to fee

  14. Party b shall be paid overtime for work done beyond normal duty hours on working days, or on day of rest or any holiday, at the rate of 150 % of the normal hourly wage

    受聘方在工作的日常工作時間之外加班,或者在休息日及假日加班者,應按正常每小時工資的150 %另付加班費。
  15. The leakage that has attended primary endowment insurance protects a worker, achieve or be close to ( inside 5 years ) legal and emeritus age, if oneself ask to endowment insurance treatment is enjoyed after retiring, answer to should attend endowment insurance time to calculate from oneself case, by unit or individual with worker of on guard of each year place average wage ( all worker society is before 1998 average wage ) for base, by year capture expends unit of scale filling pay and individual to answer at that time the endowment insurance cost of pay and accrual, and from " social insurance premium collects pay temporary regulations " add by the regulation since issuance day receive fine for delaying payment

    已經參加基本養老保險的漏保職工,達到或接近( 5年內)法定退休年齡,如本人要求退休后享受養老保險待遇,應從本人應參加養老保險時間算起,由單位或個人以各年度當地在崗職工平均工資( 1998年以前為全部職工社會平均工資)為基數,按年度當時繳費比例補繳單位和個人應繳納的養老保險費和利息,並從《社會保險費征繳暫行條例》發布之日起按規定加收滯納金。
  16. The women and work commission made 40 recommendations aimedatreducing the 13 per cent wage gap, which lady prosser, thechairman, said was greater than anywhere else in europe. on average, full - time working women earn 87p for every ? 1earnedby men, though this is an improvement on the 1970s when thegap was37p. lady prosser said : many women are working day in, day outfarbelow their abilities and this waste of talent is an outrage atatime when the uk is facing increasing competition in theglobalmarketplace and an outrage for those women personally

    該委員會主席普羅瑟女士說,這個工資差異比歐洲其他任何國家都要大, 「許多女性日日夜夜地工作卻沒能充分發揮自己的能力,這是人才的浪費,尤其是現在英國面臨著全球市場競爭加劇的時代,這就變成了一件讓人憤怒的事,對這些女性個人來說,更是一件讓人氣憤的事。 」
  17. But in recent years along with enterprise interior personnel structure change, postal service enterprise in salary system aspect contradiction day by day prominent, the wage level and the market price position come apart, the position wages cannot reflect the position value, the achievements system of examining and assessment lacked may operational, the assignment way still quite sole, different had the contradiction as a result of the staff status which the same labor different reward phenomenon initiated to be very prominent, neglects the different post to undertake the difference which the different work responsibility produced, still continued to use the tradition in the achievements inspection, take experiences judges as the main body achievements inspection method, the staff individual income and the contribution size is not close, the varying degree has the egalitarianism,

  18. In 1914, when the basic wage for an industrial worker in detroit was $ 11 a week, tord announced that he would pay his workers $ 5 a day