clasp 中文意思是什麼

音標 [klɑ:sp]
clasp 解釋
vt. 及物動詞 1. 扣住,鉤住;扣緊。
2. 緊緊抱住;握緊;(藤等用卷須)緊緊纏住。
clasp hands 緊緊握手;互相結合;結成聯盟。
clasp one's hands 兩手十指交叉〈哀求、絕望等的表示〉。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. 扣住,鉤住;扣緊。
2. 緊緊握手。
n. 名詞 1. 扣子,鉤子;(掛徽章的)銀質棒狀扣;別針。
2. 緊握;擁抱,摟抱;握手。

  1. Mini - pendant with heart in faceted rose crystal and butterfly in aurora borealis crystal on brown cotton cord ; rhodium - plated lobster clasp closure and extender chain

  2. Methods : casting clasp between teeth ( ccbt ) is set up between buccal arid lingual embrasure of two abutment teeth

    方法:在兩基牙間的頰、齦外展隙內設置牙間卡(發夾卡) 。
  3. Rhodium - plated pendant with bezel - set crystals in various shapes and crystal colours ; black calfskin leather cord ; lobster clasp

  4. After grasping the doctor s hand, as he stood victorious and proud before him ; after grasping the hand of mr. lorry, who came panting in breathless from his struggle against the waterspout of the carmagnole ; after kissing little lucie, who was lifted up to clasp her arms round his neck ; and after embracing the ever zealous and faithful pross who lifted her ; he took his wife in his arms, and carried her up to their rooms

  5. Matt rhodium - plated necklace with crystals and beads in various colours, cuts and settings ; lobster clasp ; can be worn as chain belt

  6. It was too hot, and the glare of the candles above the table grew ever yellower and duller. now and again, when a women bent forward, the back of her neck glowed golden under a rain of curls, and the glitter of a diamond clasp lit up a lofty chignon

  7. I will myself put the diamond chain round your neck, and the circlet on your forehead, - which it will become : for nature, at least, has stamped her patent of nobility on this brow, jane ; and i will clasp the bracelets on these fine wrists, and load these fairy - like fingers with rings

    「我會親自把鉆石項鏈套在你脖子上,把發箍戴在你額頭看上去會非常相配,因為大自然至少已把自己特有的高尚,烙在這個額頭上了,簡。而且我會把手鐲按在纖細的手腕上,把戒指戴在仙女般的手指上。 」
  8. Whilst speaking he produced a dangerous looking clasp knife, quite in keeping with his character, and held it in the striking position

  9. Hong kong customs and excise long service medal - first clasp

  10. Finally all i could see moving in the darkness were her glasses, a glint of them, the clasp of her belt, her socks, her sneakers.

  11. Rhodium - plated bracelet with clear crystal pav ; cable chain ; lobster clasp

  12. My clasp broke. i was looking for a safety pin

  13. Or why her favorite necklace has a starfish clasp

  14. Mr kynaston. . - the supplicant ' s clasp

    凱納斯頓先生… -懇請者的動作?
  15. - mr kynaston. . - the supplicant ' s clasp

    -凱納斯頓先生… -懇請者的動作?
  16. Mr kynaston. - the supplicant ' s clasp

  17. Clasp nut engaging lever

  18. It does not clasp its hands and pray to jupiter

  19. Whenever i found myself in a penal position before the headmaster ' s desk, with the statuettes glimmering whitely above him, i would sink my head, clasp my hands behind my back, and writhe one shoe over the other

    每次在校長桌前接受處罰,那些雕像在他上方白晃晃地耀眼時,我就會垂下頭,在身後緊扣雙手,用一隻鞋去折騰另一隻(改為:兩只鞋不停地蹭來蹭去) 。
  20. Arm bands w clasp