costume 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['kɔstju:m, -'tju:m]
costume 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 服裝,裝束;衣服。
2. 女服;女裝。
3. 服裝式樣;化裝用服裝;戲裝。
vt. 及物動詞 為…提供服裝。

  1. He was dressed for the pantomime, in all the absurdity of a clown's costume.

  2. With her love for the theater came the desire to adorn herself with costume jewelry.

  3. The advertisements of costume in paris broadened his outlook.

  4. She wore an antique gown to the costume party.

  5. You would ' ve worn the costume of arlene plimpton

  6. He dressed in the picturesque costume worn upon grand occasions by the inhabitants of the south of france, bearing equal resemblance to the style adopted both by the catalans and andalusians ; while la carconte displayed the charming fashion prevalent among the women of arles, a mode of attire borrowed equally from greece and arabia

  7. A pair of stage twins, who turned out to be the girls in yellow, did a baby act in costume.

  8. A pair of stage twins, who turned out to be the girls in yellow, did a baby act in costume

    一對雙胞胎? ?原來就是那兩個黃衣姑娘? ?演了一出化裝的娃娃戲。
  9. Wring the water out of your wet bathing costume

  10. Signor maffei, passion pale, in liontamer s costume with diamond studs in his shirtfront, steps forward, holding a circus paper hoop, a curling carriagewhip and a revolver with which he covers the going boarhound

  11. Rules of the investec north pole challenge, on july 15, mean pugh must only wear a swimming costume, cap and goggles. no chance of a cold - resistant body stocking

  12. Sean bean is wearing a fiberglass bodysuit underneath his costume for his death scene to stop the arrows sticking out of him from wobbling

  13. Cheongsam features strong national flavor and embodies beauty of chinese traditional costume

  14. Among the many remarkable final projects that have been proposed and presented at the end of the course have been a renaissance hourglass blown in the mit glass shop and set into a frame turned on our set shop lathe ; a four harness loom built by a student who then wove cloth on it ; a number of chain mail tunics and coifs ; a wide variety of costume and furniture pieces and electrified period lighting fixtures

  15. In a public service announcement to be aired in theaters nationwide, a wide range of industry workers from costume makers to concessionaires argue that the increasingly popular practice of swapping movies over the internet endangers a business employing tens of thousands

  16. She had excellent taste in costume.

  17. He sighed for the galleys, with their infamous costume.

  18. It's a very tasteful costume.

  19. Today he was unusually smart and brilliant in his costume.

  20. A man's costume doesn't say anything about his intelligence.