digital 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['didʒitl]
digital 解釋
adj. 形容詞 1. 手指的;指狀的。
2. 數字的,數據的。
n. 名詞 1. (鋼琴等的)琴鍵。
2. 手指。

  1. A novel digital accelerometer using mos ring oscillators

  2. As a mix - mode chip, the application - specific controller including analog signal and digital signal processing block can be applied to receiving, amplifying, processing, controlling signals of pir, and offer a wide application in some fields. in analog circuits, by sub - threshold mosfet, a self - bias current source is presented, which has a high power supply restrain ratio and a complementary to absolute temperature characters

  3. A doorway between the human realm and the spiritual realm has been opened, and now the technology that once made humankind the ruler of the planet has become its digital achilles heel. with every call made and every e - mail checked, life is slowly being stolen from the living and claimed for the dead

  4. Digital speech technology has been widely used in many fields of communications in recent years, but it is just at beginning to use acoustical wave to implement underwater digital speech communications, which mainly results from the bandwidth - limited underwater acoustic communications channel and its high temporal and spatial variability

  5. It was found that they were fit for the lpi applications. on the digital signal processing, we studied the demand on compute ability for fast acquest. we designed a new signal form named ds - fh - th signal which costs less in processing but without any lost on the lpi performance

    在信號的數字處理方面,分析了直接序列擴頻雷達在信號捕獲階段對計算能力的要求,在不降低系統lpi性能的基礎上,設計了ds - fh - th雷達信號,降低系統對計算能力的要求。
  6. Quality evaluation of active service in higher institutions ' digital library

  7. Digital lock - in amplifier based on dsp and sampling adc

  8. Adios automatic digital input output system

  9. Adsl splitterless asymmetric digital subscriber line transceivers

  10. Adsl asymetric digital subscriber line

  11. The procedure functions in the compare between partial image of dynamic collection and corresponding image of the airscape. in chapter 5, basing on the analysis of correlative theory of digital image, we introduce the improved fasted - down algorithm and simulative anneal algorithm, which applies to nn calculation, an d bring forward the unique and effective means, correlative original value evaluation. basing on the combination of correlative arithmetic, a stable, high - speed and exact correlative arithmetic is formed, which makes it possible to apply computer vision detection of single - needle quilting in industrial production

  12. Application of trigger detection algorism to digital seismic stations

  13. Digital - advanced mobile phone system d - amps

  14. Verification regulation of dc digital amperemeter

  15. Results from the up end to the low end of the amygdaloid body, we obtained 72 clear digital photographs

  16. Conclusion the mill - like technique and 8. 2 mega pixels digital photograph can display amygdaloid body, hippocanipal formation and lateral ventricle clearly

  17. Digital networks are considerably less subjected to noise than analog networks.

  18. The human brain is not only digital and analogic, but it also has a built - in system of values which gives it a componentially incalculable advantage over machines

  19. In designing analogic circuit, we adopt programmable filter max262 to meet the system ' s command. after the step, we can make the signal ' s frequency width is wider and noise level is lower. to make the signal ' s amplitude to meet the analogic to digital device ' s command, we adopt the max551 to finish the gain control

    在模擬電路部分,採用可編程濾波器max262 ,這樣就滿足了該數據採集裝置所採集的信號的頻率范圍較寬以及具有較低的噪聲水平的要求,為了使采樣到的信號的幅度滿足後面a d轉換器的要求,採用max551對采樣到的信號進行調理(增益控制) 。
  20. Abstract : radiate thermometer uses a high definitive operation circuit in the modulation and linerization of weak optical signals. the theory of colorimetry was used in measuring the temperature. analogic channel and digital interfaces were added in order to expand the instrument. a kind of double channel ' s photocolorimeter including its hardware and software is introduced