dab 中文意思是什麼

dab 解釋
vt. 及物動詞 1. 輕敲,輕拍;輕撫 (sth. )。
2. 〈美俚〉在…上摁指紋印。
vi. 不及物動詞 輕拍,輕敷;塗擦 (on, at);(鳥)啄。
n. 名詞 1. 輕打,輕拍;輕撫。
2. 塗擦。
3. 啄。
4. 指紋印。
5. 少量,些許;一小塊。
n. 名詞 小鰈;比目魚。
n. 名詞 〈口語〉名手,能手 (at)。
a dab at tennis 網球能手。
=1. Dictionary of American Biography. 2. digital audio broadcasting (使用衛星進行的)數字式廣播。

  1. The dab had said it would oppose the abolition plan

  2. Manufacturer of bingo accessories, including dab - o - ink

  3. She returned wearing a dab of rouge on each cheekbone

  4. A pleasant land it is in sooth of murmuring waters, fishful streams where sport the gunnard, the plaice, the roach, the halibut, the gibbed haddock, the grilse, the dab, the brill, the flounder, the mixed coarse fish generally and other denizens of the aqueous kingdom too numerous to be enumerated

  5. She had given her face a dab with a wet towel.

  6. Every now and then came a good dab of dirt at him.

  7. She gave me a dab of potatoes with my supper.

  8. She 's a dab hand at farm work.

  9. A dab with a sponge won't remove the dirt, you will have to rub it.

  10. Dab the spot with a small dollop of vaseline and blend into the entire shoe for instant shine

  11. There are three stepwise stages of the procedure of the dispute solution, which includes the decision of engineers, the dab and the arbitration. chinese contractors shall take actions to protect their benefits. these actions includes the careful analysis on the claims and the strict managements of contracts, the well understanding of the contracts, especially the terms that exculpatory clause of the employers, then following of the procedure and catching the very chance to bring about claims

    文章指出索賠是國際工程合同中的一種具有補償性的、非常講究時效和書面證據的歸責方式,承包商可分別基於工程變更、僱主違約、風險因素或合同瑕疵等原因對發包商提出索賠請求,工程師決定、 dab爭端裁決和仲裁是解決索賠爭端的三種遞進的基本程序,中國承包商應從採取充分論證索賠權,準確識別索賠機會,熟悉合同文件、嚴格管理合同,充分認知僱主的免責條款、切實遵守索賠程序等多個方面維護自身的利益。
  12. A set of methods to solve these problems are proposed in order to comprehensively improve the competition ability and to turn dab into an international business bank with high quality and high growing rate

  13. The democratic alliance for the betterment of hong kong ( dab ), hong kong progressive alliance, the liberal party, and most of the independent legislators voted against the idea, while the democratic party, the frontier, andrew wong and eric li supported the proposal

  14. Place a dab of petroleum jelly on the bulb

  15. When the ph of the solution was lower than 4, the structure of dab changes from an azo type to a quinoid type. this change was studied by sers and the reversibility of transformation was found

    當溶液ph值小於4時,由於質子化, dab分子將從偶氮型結構轉變為醌型結構,本章利用sers技術,研究了其結構的這種變化,並且發現這種結構的變化是可以逆轉的。
  16. As well as writing her own songs, passos is also a dab hand at reinterpreting the great brazilian classics

  17. Just scrunch them up into a ball, and then stick them onto the tree with a dab of glue

  18. It is wrapped in white paper and sealed with a dab of red sealing-wax by a clever chemist.

  19. 1 the receiver is outside the service area of dab trial

  20. I dab out my underclothes every day