da nang 中文意思是什麼

da nang 解釋

  • da : n. 〈口語〉 = dad.
  1. The da nang surf club is also the national swim team

  2. Two surfboards, 30 years apart, both left in da nang

  3. It was the last place jim had surfed in vietnam - da nang

  4. It was the last place jim had surfed in vietnam - - da nang

    那是吉姆在越南最後一次沖浪的地方- -峴港
  5. They still had hope, especially when they found out da nang had a surfclub

  6. There is only one lpg filling station in da nang, which is located at the edge of the city

  7. No - a personal friend of mine. and less likely to draw the attention of the da nang boys

  8. On 7 october, a tropical depression formed over the south china sea about 120 km east - northeast of da nang and moved westwards

  9. We were followed here. the da nang boys are watching this apartment. as soon we leave, they will attempt an assassination

  10. He is now 75 years old but still healthy and continues to write. his latest work is " duy tan movement ". he is currently living with his family in da nang

  11. The $ 65m raffles da nang will have for sale around 150 hotel suites and 15 private residential villas on 1. 54m sqft of beachfront. the project is due to be ready in 2011

  12. Also while in da nang, we distributed money to musician and teacher hoang bich son. a well known musician in da hnang, hoang bich son has also contributed a lot of effort in the field of promoting music in the central region of au lac