d region 中文意思是什麼

d region 解釋
【氣象學】 D 區〈離地球表面約60到90公里高度處的電離層最低部分〉。

  • d :
  • region : n. 1. 地方,地域,地帶;地區;行政區,管轄區,區;左近,鄰近;(大氣、海水等的)層,界,境。2. 【解剖學;動物學】(身體的)局部,部位。3. (學問等的)范圍,領域。4. 〈罕用語〉天空。
  1. The space - time distribution of chinese semi - ari d region surface water is n ' t even, the differences in a year are obvious ; the differences of underground water between years are not so obvious as surface water, but it still has a decreasing tendency, especially in shanxi and sha ' anxi provinces. there is a significant linear correlation between the precipitation and water resources in semi - arid region, the dynamic regularity of water resources is basically same as the dynamic regularity of precipitation

  2. You go to the devil ! said d urberville. tess remained where she was a long while, till a sudden rebellious sense of injustice caused the region of her eyes to swell with the rush of hot tears thither

  3. " the immigration department will start accepting applications for new hong kong special administrative region electronic passport hksar e - passport and electronic document of identity e - d i from february 5, " acting director of immigration, mr peh yun - lu, said today january 23

  4. For a x - directed line current with lengh much smaller than a wave length, the e - field pattern on coordinate planes in 3 - d space in the region from much smaller than line length to one or two wave length, the synthesized pattern by summation of the field of many line segments of hertz dipoles is independent of the number of segments, i. e. same field as a single hertz dipole

  5. This seminar closely followed the release of tencent s enterprise im product " tengxuntong " on september 9 in kerry center of beijing, on the seminar, mr. zhang yong, east china region gm of kingdee, mr. zheng liang, marketing gm of kingdee and mr. sun feng, shanghai r d center gm of kingdee gave detailed introduction to kingdee k 3 oa project and expressed full confidence in its success

    騰訊科技深圳有限公司,作為亞洲最大的實時通信服務供應商,繼9月9日在北京嘉里中心隆重發布其企業級實時通信產品「騰訊通」 rtx之後, 9月19日再度出手,與金蝶集團聯合召開了「分享知識分享成功金蝶k 3 oa項目驗收與騰訊通rtx交流會」 。
  6. The upstream of yellow river is rich in hydr opower resources and shoul d be listed in the priority development region

  7. 3 g 一 g g abasi 叱 加 ical pp 訕 howthe qquasi ghgsical 毗 quasi sociological methodmo 止 secondlx we uthuther nalsze the nhrsical model on which he quasi pnsical and quasi sociological methods for solving s 肛 problembased considering a physical hypothesis on this model , we construct a counterexaxnple to showthatthe hypothesis is not eee ? howeve 二 itdoes notdamage the goodpractical effectof applpinp this phpsical model to solve s 盯 problem considering he existence of alsorithlnic region , which reflects that the quasi sociological method is very necessw for ass 吶 ng the high efficient of theent whole algori 燦 m therefore deepens our comprehension on the quasi physical and quasi sociological methods mird1x we wpl … 叫 nas 恤 ysi 陰 1md q 阻 si 500i 吶 i0alm 毗 cd 引 0 咖 we mathematical problem ofcom 恤 non oforthogonal tmles m successfully es 恤 fish a physicalopttrizatbo model for sotring saturated o 汕 ogonal tables , whwh ws provedto be correctintheo0 we thi 冰 。 w goodpersonated s 咖 egies forjumping out of the t 呷 oflocal minimum using quasi sociological method based onthe physical model thus wegetthe wholequasi physicaland quasi sociological algorim forthe problem ofconswction ofs 咖 med orthogonal tables he experimental results showthatthephysical model ishighly efficientthanthe conflmng nlllllber mode ! based on me pure m 她 ematical 訕 kgfound 他 sucoes 訕 11y ? ? rk 咖 m 枷 ons 訕 卿 nal 郵 ie with 3 leve13 using th 叫 u 1 physical and quasi sociological algori 恤 we got some o 汕 ogonal t 勸 les ofl 。 , ( 3 ’ ‘ ) which are not isomorphic moreove 乙 some ofour results are also not isomorphic to oe results pearedb 山 e open rekrences we got lip to now lastlx for 讓 卜 ancie 口 戊 扯 d importantproblemsofconstfutfuction oflatin square and orthogonal latin squares ( most of

    應用此演算法,我們成功地計算出難的三水平正交表本課題為國家重點基礎研究發展「九七三」規劃,國家「八六三」高技術發展計劃,高等學校博士學位點專項科研基金及中國科學院軟體研究所計算機科學開放研究實驗室課題基金資助項目1g一gs第四,應用擬物擬人方法嘗試求解古老而重要的拉丁方、正交拉丁方(它們事實上是正交表)問題。我們結合這些問題的特性,建立了新的物理模型,從理論上證明了這些物理模型的正確性,並設計出擬人化的「跳出局部極小值陷餅」的策略,得到了求解拉丁方、正交拉丁方的擬物擬人演算法。實驗表明, 」對某些問題演算法有好的效果。
  8. Associated with a project of the planned xuefengshan tunnel with 7. 6 km long during the construction of shaoyang to huaihua expressway in hunan province of shanghai to ruili national trunk highway, this paper firstly makes an introduction of the frequently - used analysis & computation methods for tunnel supporting structure. then, based on the analysis of the basic theory about the interaction mechanism of surrounding rock and support structure, a spatial computation model is made, a coupling numerical computation method with 3 - d elastic - plastic finite element and infinite element is proposed, and a comprehensive analysis has been made to the effects of the overall stability and safety of the surrounding rocks of different characteristics, different classes and under different construction methods. and thus the problem of 3 - d infinite region to which applying the general finite ca n ' t do has been resolved

  9. The 3 - d numerical simulation shows that the temperature rise of necking region is higher than that of no - necking region

  10. D. c. won the 1998 concacaf champion ' s cup as the best club in the region and went on to defeat south american champion vasco de gama of brazil to win the intercontinental cup

  11. It belongs to d - h pattern, which is frequently in alpine shrubs. it occurs in baitoushan ( white head mountain ) yangyuchang upper nanyao of the lashihai region

    屬于滇西北橫斷山區特有分佈( d - h ) 。高山礫石灌叢植被地帶較常見。流域內主要分佈於南堯東村五社洋芋廠白頭山一帶。
  12. The chinese government has decide d to lift restrictions on the aspects of quantity, region, ownership ratio, as well as t he company formation of the foreign capital retail trade within 3 - 5 years from wt o ' s entry, as a result, domestic retail trade will definitely face very big challenge

    在中國政府決定入世后的3 - - 5年內,逐步取消外資零售業在數量、區域、股權比例、企業形態上的限制的情況下,目前國內整體落後的零售業面臨的挑戰與沖擊將是十分巨大的。
  13. Second, the author introduced a new stability region, and programmed a trajectory of variable zmp, which was defined as a cosine curve ; the author also designed a cog - compensated method to keep the cog ’ s height ; based on dynamics of 3 - d inverted pendulum, the author educed the cog ’ s trajectory equation of the robot in the three - leg - support phase, and used third - order splint function to ensure the acceleration continuity of the robot ’ s cog in the four - leg - support phase. at last, walking patterns of the corresponding gait are generated through programmer design

  14. Mr lam said hong kong was the first place to introduce a data link volmet ( d - volmet ) service in the asiapacific region, allowing pilots to access the latest observations, forecasts and warnings in flight. " in the coming years, the hko will further improve the forecast accuracy and take advantage of the improved air - ground link to provide more user - friendly products to the aviation community.

    林超英說:香港是亞太區第一個引進對空氣象數據鏈《 d - volmet 》服務的地方,好讓機師在飛行途中,透過查詢,取得最新的觀測、預報和警報資料。在未來的日子里,天文臺會提高預報的精確度,以及利用不斷改善的地對空數據鏈,提供更多更方便的產品給航空界使用。
  15. They are advantage of scientific and technology, advantage of policy, advantage of resource scale, advantage of region, advantage of reputation. and it will analyze eight disadvantages. they are problem of positioning, old management system, obsolete management measure, insufficient investment on r & d, low industrialization, unclear ownership, lack of product marketing strategy and shortage of talents

    研究中主要採用定性分析的方法指出天津市農業科技企業的五點優勢(科技優勢、政策優勢、資源規模優勢、地域優勢、聲譽優勢)和八點劣勢(認識問題、舊的管理體制、管理措施落後、研發經費投入少、產業化程度低、產權不明、產品營銷策略差、人才短缺) 。
  16. As to the tunnels of jinping hydroelectric power station in sicuan province, the thesis discusses how to reasonably consider the initial stress field when designing a large - scale tunnel with high initial stress and deep buried. first, by analyzing of the rock lab tests and discusses the feature of regional geomorphology. explains the production of initial stress field, analyze the initial stress of jinping hydroelectric power station ; second, using the fem, the paper creates the real model of region. according to the results of stress measurement point, by combining of ann and fem to decide the boundary condition, the paper calculates the initial stress field ; at last, the paper analyzes the influence of the initial stress field formed from different condition on the deformation and stress of the surrounding rock, and the main factor to influence the initial stress. on the basis of the former work, the author proposes some proposals, which will be helpful for studying and designing of the similar undergroun d engineering

  17. The orf1 proteins of all four chinese senv isolates had two motifs ( ftl and yxxk ) which were conserved in replication - associated proteins. in all four chinese senv isolates, the putative non - structure orf2 protein had a cav - like region. the putative orf3 protein had a serine - rich tract preceded by a cluster of basic amino acids ( r and k ). database scaning suggested this region had high a percentage of homology with dna topoisomerase i protein of d. melanogaster, and might play an important role in the replication of such single - stranded dna viruses

    所有這四個中國分離株,均保留了o即1中與復制有關的保守序列( ftl和yxxk ) :在推測是非結構蛋白的orfz中均含有cav樣保守區w 『 x7一h一x3一c一xl一c一xs一h ; orf3蛋白的堿性氨基酸(精氨酸和賴氨酸)簇后緊接著一個富含絲氨酸的區域,與d . molanogaster的dna拓撲異構酶i有一定的同源性,推測在單鏈dna的復制中起作用。
  18. ( d ) in the weak monsoon year, nwc lies in the northwest airflow region, west and south wind, as well as moisture transportation are remarkably reduced. except part of the first field, there is vapour flux divergenceon in nwc ( e ) in the strong monsoon years, the height field is low on the west and high on the east, west and south wind, and it ' s vapor flux transportation, are evidently boosted up. there is vapour flux conflurnce in the he first and sixth region

    ( d )弱夏季風年,西北區高度場西高東低,處于脊前西北氣流的控制之下,西風和南風明顯減小,水汽通量輸送也大大減少,除一區的甘肅河東大部( 30 35 n , 101 105 e )存在水汽通量輻合外,其它地區為水汽通量輻散(弱的輻合) 。 ( e )強夏季風年,西北區高度場東高西低,西風和南風明顯增強,水汽通量輸送同樣顯著增強,一、三區存在大范圍的水汽通量輻合。
  19. That is, the partially penetrating sand drain ground is viewed as the double - layered ground, and its consolidation is analyzed with 1 - d consolidation theory, through the transformation from 3 - d consolidation to 1 - d consolidation in the region of sand drain. this can overcome the disadvantage that the excess pore water is discontinuous between the region of sand drain and under - lying soft layer. to the double - layered ground, based on the consolidation mechanism under surcharge, the excess pore water pressure calculation formula is deduced under the condition of multilevel equably loading or unloading, which perfects the consolidation theory

  20. Access control model of 2 - d spatial region based on spatial index