d s 中文意思是什麼

d s 解釋
D S, D. S=Doctor of Science 理學博士。

  1. Had to show this crazy braud, i mastered my degree s and my ph. d s

  2. D s ; d. s. ; days. st. days after sight

  3. D s d. s. days. st. days after sight

  4. Many infections will respond to 750mgt d s by i. m. or by i v

  5. D s properties company ltd

  6. Not only is nana a virtual look - alike of mingming, she is also one of d s girlfriends

    原來nana同是阿d的另一女友!明明把贓款嫁禍nana ,自己則保留盒子成功脫身。
  7. 19 henry d s, kuszmaul b c, loh g h, sami r. circuits for wide - window superscalar processors. in proc. the 27th annual int

    針對具有相同數據路徑的標準多發處理器而言, momr增強的多發處理器提供了更多的加速比。
  8. September 1994, dagstuhl castle, germany, pp. 134 - 137. 10 tatarinov i, ives z g, halevy a y, weld d s. updating xml. in

  9. Lands d s target is to process not less than 2 300 applications each year. all new applications will start to be processed in not more than one year s time

    地政總處的目標是每年處理不少於2 300宗小型屋宇申請,而所有新的申請,獲開始處理的時間不超過一年。
  10. The calculation of the37 # transonic compressor rotor shows that the simulation results of the author ' s multi - grid scheme fit fairly well with those of professor denton j. d. ' s, however, the author ' s converging speed is faster

    與nasarotor37的計算結果對比表明,本文多重網格演算法的計算結果與dentonj . d .的計算結果十分接近,而在提高計算效率方面比dentonj . d的多重網格演算法更加有效。
  11. " dug jade " ing, this exploitation and d s placer means have already stopped, only while quarrying and drawing gold dust, electing the jade one from the gravel that is dug out, in passing, output is very few

  12. Don ' t want to end up at mickey d ' s. right ? chuckling

  13. Philips e. m., pugh d. s. how to get a phd. second edition. open university press, buckingham, uk, 1994

    樑柱.論高等學校在未來終生教育體制中的地位和作用.北京大學學報(哲學社會科學版) , 1997 ( 3 )
  14. The first snag occurs at some d that is preceded by an equal number of d's and h's.

  15. He graduated from white pine high school in ely 1963, getting mostly c ' s, d ' s and f ' s

    1963年他從厄麗的白松高中畢了業,各科成績多是c , d或是f 。
  16. First researching on d - s evidence theory, . combination rules of evidence theory, yager combination rules and this theory ' s shortcoming

    首先研究了d - s證據推理理論,和d - s證據理論中的合成規則, yager合成規則的缺點。
  17. When the evidences have conflicts, d - s combination and yager combination ca n ' t resolve this thing, the new method can resolve this conflict question

  18. By way of c - d ' s function model, using the data envelopment analysis ( dea ) methods, combining concept of equivalent efficient section, the aid of computer optimization and statistics software spss, the author establishes the benefit - measured model of industry - technological advance, quantitatively analyse the industry - technological advance contribution ratio of fujian, carries the comparison analysis with typical provinces in the eastern of our country and approaches the effect ways to promote technological advance of fujian

    同時在c - d函數模型的基礎上,運用數據包絡分析方法( dea ) 、結合等效益面概念,藉助計算機優化、統計軟體spss ,建立工業技術進步績效評價模型,定量測算福建工業技術進步貢獻率,並與我國東部典型省市進行比較分析,探討促進福建工業技術進步的有效途徑。
  19. The d - s rule of the information fusion of rockmass mechanical parameters is presented. meanwhile, the basic probability assignments, belief functions, plausibility functions, and similar probability functions are given. this method is applied to an example of analysis and selection for rockmass mechanical parameters of the rock engineering, and the satisfactory results are obtained

    構造了巖體力學參數的識別框架,建立了巖體力學參數的基本可信度分配的應用模型,定義了巖體力學參數的信度函數、似真度函數、以及類概率函數,提出了巖體力學參數的d - s信息融合法則,明確了巖體力學參數d - s信息融合方武漢理工大學博士學位論文法的實施步驟。
  20. Li sheng and roberts studied 2 - role assignments on triangulated graphs. they puts the open questions : whether a given graph is k - role assignable for the case k 3 ? we study g _ n ~ ( d, s ) graph and the grid graph and the honeycomb rectanglar torus and honeycomb rhombic torus accordingly

    本文對格圖和環面蜂巢圖以及g _ n ~ ( d , s )圖作了相應的研究,其中用到了一種坐標化圖的方法。