d 中文意思是什麼

d 解釋

  1. "we'd have had a young gentleman to meet you, if we had known you were coming, " retorted master kidderminster, nothing abashed.

  2. I like girls that wear abercrombie and fitch, i d take her if i had one wish,

  3. I said, what ' d you do with abigail and riley

  4. Textual research proves it feasible to slice directly on 3 - d models and abnegate stl format file that is usually used in all kinds of rapid prototyping machine, it has a significantly practical value

  5. Synthesis of d - 1 - acetyl - 1, 2, 2, 3 - tetramethylcyclopentane

  6. Synthesis and crystal structure of - d - o - acetyl - glycopyranosyl azide

  7. Analytical condition were as follows, column : 10 % modified polyethylene glycol 20m on acid washed 201, 2m column with 3 mm i. d., fid as detector, phe - nylmethyl ketone as internal standard compound

    以10 %改性聚乙二醇20m為固定液,苯乙酮為內標物,氫火焰離子化檢測器,內標法定量分析異辛酸。
  8. Fundamenta informaticae, 2004, 62 : 1 - 23. 10 kleine b " uing h, lettmann h. propositional logic : deduction and algorithms, cambridge university press, 1999. 11 hilbert d, ackermann w. principles of mathematical logic

    2提出了一個演算法把ctl在有界語義下滿足性的檢測規約到一個qbf quantified boolean formulas問題的滿足性的判定上,同時證明了演算法的正確性。
  9. September 11, 2001 i ve called many nearby centers around washington d. c. and new york for emergency rescue action groups

  10. D : i suggest you have a course of acupuncture

  11. I am sure he has acute appendicitis. and we ' d better prepare for an operation right away

  12. Improvement on the synthesis of 9 - - d - arabinofuranosyl adenine phosphate

  13. For example, the different level that enterprise emphasizes r & d department and manufacture department will cause different value adscription feeling of employees. another example, the inequity among employees which are caused different inspirit mechanism cause different reward, consequently, cause conflict among different department and between enterprise inside and outside. this kind of conflict is caused by friction between inside culture and outside environment

  14. I ' d like an advance copy of the book, though

  15. I'd advise you to creep up her sleeve again.

  16. This article analyzes, as an example, marketing condition of a little company working in science and technology aeries. through analyzing about the company ' s products, r & d, the author finds the company ' s problems in developing

  17. Current r amp; d of stm afm - based data storage materials

  18. Current r amp; amp; d of stm afm - based data storage materials

  19. I knew there d be something afore they got far

  20. The next i 'd like to talk about is about agriculture.