d-b 中文意思是什麼

d-b 解釋
D-B = Daimler-Benz (德國)戴姆勒-奔馳汽車公司。

  1. Angelo amato, s. d. b. titular archbishop of sila

  2. 1 gowan m k, biro l l, jackson d b. power considerations in the design of the alpha 21264 microprocessor. in proc. 35th acm ieee design automation conf.,

    1通過實驗觀察到,無論對于單線程還是多線程負載, 2op指令占動態指令總數的比率較小,但平均等待時延較長。
  3. A charming soubrette, great marie kendall, with dauby cheeks and lifted skirt, smiled daubily from her poster upon william humble, earl of dudley, and upon lieutenantcolonel h. g. hesseltine and also upon the honourable gerald ward a. d. c. from the window of the d. b. c. buck mulligan gaily, and haines gravely, gazed down on the viceregal equipage over the shoulders of eager guests, whose mass of forms darkened the chessboard whereon john howard parnell looked intently

  4. The journal of physiology, 1968, 195 : 215 - 243. 15 zhu s c, wu y n, mumford d b. frame : filters, random fields and maximum entropy - towards a unified theory for texture modeling

  5. D. b. ' s parachute. are you sure ? - damn sure

    庫珀的降落傘.你確定嗎? -非常確定
  6. - d. b. ' s parachute. are you sure ? - damn sure

    -庫珀的降落傘.你確定嗎? -非常確定
  7. Or on your back. i got d. b. ' s bones in my satchel

  8. Sucre tells him that while the man will deny it, he ' s the infamous d. b

  9. Professional collection agency ( d & b rms ) for receivable collection

  10. With the help of his cellmate, sucre ( amaury nolasco ), michael begins to align himself with a disparate group of prisoners, including former mob boss john abruzzi ( peter stormare ) and charles westmoreland ( muse watson ), a man some believe to be the infamous skyjacker d. b

    邁克爾-斯科菲爾德正陷於無望的困境中? ?他的哥哥林肯-巴羅斯被認定犯有謀殺罪被投入了福克斯河監獄的死囚牢。
  11. In 1985, she began making action movies with d b films of hong kong

  12. 2 lenat d b, guha p v. building large knowledge based systems : representation and inference in the cyc project. addison wesley, 1990

  13. The area of plot sampling in every typical community locality on the small protected area in huangyinling were 1 600m2. the site factors were investigated by the method of forest community investigation, and the species, body number, height, d. b. h., coverage of herbage and so on were recorded

    在黃茵嶺生態保護小區中亞熱帶常綠闊葉林中設置樣地,每個群落的樣地調查面積均為1600m ~ 2 ,採用森林群落的調查方法,調查立地因子,記錄群落植物的物種名、個體數、高度、胸徑、草本層蓋度等。
  14. R. d. lorenz and d. b lawson, " performance of feedforward current regulators for field - oriented induction machine controllers ” ieee trans. ia, vol. 23, no. 4, 1987

    吳捷,姜智堅.感應電機調速系統新型滑動模解耦與自校正控制.中國電機工程學報1999 ( 1 )
  15. Journal of machine learning research, 2004, 5 : 913 - 939. 16 dempster a p, laird n m, rubin d b. maximum likelihood from incomplete data via the em algorithm

  16. He reconstructed the jump. he pinpointed d. b. ' s landing

  17. Sb wound down its production. the company leased its circuits to dickson poon s d b

  18. And d b

  19. Hkma, hkab, dtca and dun & bradstreet ( hk ) ltd. ( d & b ) jointly announced the launch of ccra in hong kong

  20. N 2005, we got usa d b international information advisory company s cognizance, the only code is : 54 - 498 - 0795 d b, the leading provider of global business information, tools and insight, has enabled customers to decide with confidence for over 160 years