designer 中文意思是什麼

designer 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 設計師,打樣師,制圖員。
2. 陰謀者。
adj. 形容詞 署名設計的,名牌的。
designer water 名牌礦泉水。
designerfood 名牌食品。

  1. Aerodrome group symbol designer and vi designer of shenyang

  2. In second floor ' s esthetical living space, large area ground impact window attracts sunlight freely ; air corridor ' s unique design gives intimate exchange between a couple ; every detailed design is a scene of love intrigue plotted by the designer with meticulous love

  3. 1985 artist designer, arabia ceramic factory

  4. They eat only the best foods, go for regular beauty treatments, and wear designer fashions

  5. Designer and manufacturer of customized water treatment and recycling systems for the removal of oil, sediments, and other contaminants from wash - down water, bilge water, and process water streams

  6. Visual studio creates the solution and application designer displays the blank application diagram

    Visual studio創建解決方案,而應用程序設計器顯示空白應用程序關系圖。
  7. The form designer that you saw at the start should be displayed with a blank form

  8. The designer featured his collection with a great pair of full trousers, topped with a high waist and wide belt that reappeared on pencil skirts, knee - length pants, and blouson shorts

  9. Favourite london shopping destinations for high spending visitors include international designer names in brompton road, bond street and sloane street. the luxury shopping guide covers a selection of these prestigious shopping destinations with individual profiles on labels such as cartier, vivienne westwood and label of the season, chloe

    那些高消費的遊客所喜愛的購物點包括布拉姆頓大街( brompton road ) 、邦德大街( bond street )和斯勞恩大街( sloane street )上的國際著名設計師的商店。
  10. The incident inspired the summer hit " coup de boule " head butt in france, and an italian designer has come up with a line of depicting the incident printed on the back

  11. Yes. i ' m a designer, and i work in a boutique

  12. Usa. designer boxer shorts for men and women

  13. David llewelyn : she was a very good dress designer but not a very good businesswoman

  14. All of the design 、 produce and management cadreman are came from large well - known automobile and aircraft corporation 、 welding machine manufacture company 、 japan well - knownwelding jig professional design corporation ; 16 professional jig designer with abundant experience and advanced design hardware and software ; comeplete various machining facility ; integrated organization

  15. I responded, " the designer leads a simple life and she shares her money with the poor. besides, it is very important that this kind of beauty is in the world because it was created by the designer s deepest yearning to touch people s souls. the last supper, by leonardo da vinci has been pleasing generations and who thinks of a price while hearing johann sebastian bach s cantatas ?

  16. Because of his encouragement, she won the best designer by her reformed cheongsam

    (因為他的鼓勵,她以她的改良式旗袍贏得了最佳設計師獎。 )
  17. If peter lee had given that " cherry bomb secret " to the prc, then the prc bomb designer would only have had the problem of fitting the entire nova facility and some significant fraction of pg & e ' s electrical generating capacity for northern california into a missile warhead

    如果彼得-李已經把這個「中子彈秘密」泄露給了中國,那麼中國的中子彈設計者們要做的事情就是裝備他們的nova設施了,而pg & e在北加利福尼亞的整個發電量相當於一個導彈頭了。
  18. Hey, okay. designer dress, bias cut, wedding chic

  19. Designer wang - chen tsai - hsia has taken the theme of chinoiserie and imbued it with populist elements, and while her store has a richly chinese character, there is nothing old - fashioned about its contents

  20. The designer chooses the layout of reinforcement.