discontent 中文意思是什麼

discontent 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 不滿;不平;不愉快。
2. 不滿的人。
adj. 形容詞 不滿的,不安分的;不平的 (with)。
discontent with one's work [lot] 對自己的工作[處境]不滿意。
vt. 及物動詞 〈通例用被動語態〉使不滿意,使不平。
be discontented with sb. 對某人不滿。
n. 名詞 -ment
  1. Taft embarked in september 1909 upon a 13, 000-mile speaking tour from boston to the west coast to assuage the popular discontent.

  2. Of all the workers in the country bituminous miners probably had best grounds for discontent.

  3. Their discontent could be canalized into political revolution

  4. Contrarily, without the ability to recognize our discontent, we could collapse into idleness ; after all, suffering sharpens our senses

  5. As student's discontent has filtered down from the universities, many high school students have come to find their curricula irrelevant.

  6. Discontent in the party will lead to further defections

  7. Lynch, his jockey cap low on his brow, attends him, a sneer of discontent wrinkling his face. stephen vidi aquam egredientem de templo a latere dextro

  8. To raise discontent or disaffection amongst chinese nationals or residents of hong kong

  9. Discontent stirred the men to mutiny.

  10. It was a naive unrevolutionary discontent.

  11. The news roused discontent and indignation of the workers.

  12. They are the focus of political discontent and agitation.

  13. It also reflects feelings of discontent about specific aspects of urban life.

  14. Fragmentation experiences may range from mild dysphoria ( a general feeling of ill being, anxiety, discontent, and physical discomfort ) to a panicked sense of impending annihilation or disintegration

    分裂體驗可以是輕微的煩躁不安(一般性的不舒適、焦慮、不滿、軀體不適感) ,也可以是面臨毀滅或解體時的驚慌感。
  15. Taft continued stubbornly to defend him and thus exacerbated popular discontent.

  16. His thoughts, and the discontent they engender, blast him free from years of emotional paralysis, and soon he makes a cheerful announcement at the funereal dinner table : " i quit my job, told my boss to - - - - himself and blackmailed him for $ 60, 000. " has he lost his mind

    他對現實不滿的想法使他喪失了多年的情感生活,很快,他在喪禮似的晚餐時歡快地宣布: 「我向老闆辭職了,還勒索了6萬塊錢。 」
  17. Lynch, his jockey cap low on his brow, attends him, a sneer of discontent wrinkling his face

  18. He looked still at her, holding back behind his look his discontent. pungent mockturtle oxtail mulligatawny

  19. She had what he called the new york mouth, a grim, set mouth, a strained, querulous mouth, a mouth that told of suffering and discontent.

  20. The lakers ' loss in the season opener came after an offseason of discontent, mostly bryant ' s