ea 中文意思是什麼

ea 解釋
EA =enemy aircraft 敵機。

  1. Bremsstrahlung produced at an internal target of the accelerator will have a maximum photon energy equal to ea.

  2. Currently we have 91 men power. equipped with all kinds of foam engines including 6 trucks of 3, 000 gallons, 2 trucks of 1, 500 gallons, 2 ea of providing 5, 000 gallons water s reservoir trucks, 1 ea 45 meters aerial ladder, in addition, we have one set of equipment on aircraft vacuation, a hoist truck and all kinds of rescue equipments

    現有人力九十一員,備有各型化學泡沫消防車3 , 000加侖六輛、 1 , 500加侖二輛、中繼水庫車5 , 000加侖二輛、 45公尺雲梯消防車一輛;另備有航機撤運裝備一組、吊掛車一輛、及各類搶救器材裝備。
  3. In a corner by themselves, maria blond and l'ea de horn had begun squabbling at close quarters.

  4. Bremsstrahlung produced at an internal target of the accelerator will have a maximum photon energy equal to ea

    在加速器的內靶上產生的軔致輻射的最大光子能量將等於ea 。
  5. Crm is a hot research area of ea now

    Crm (客戶關系管理)是當今企業應用領域的一大熱點。
  6. That ' s how two people working together help ea - -

    兩個人一起工作相互幫助. .
  7. Ea - tpv elastomer alloy thermoplastic vulcanizate

  8. Q : why can ea do it ? is it the fifa license

  9. I do not ea t bread. wheat is of no use to me

  10. That ' s how two people working together help ea -

  11. Honestly, i have no ea what you ' re talking about

  12. Ea, aw keep th house, she replied

    「是啊,我管這個家, 」她回答。
  13. The research and application of organic shrinkage reducing agent ( sra ) and non - organic expansion agent ( ea ) are drawing great attention among that of new - type concrete anti - cracking admixtures

  14. The results of experiment on the relationship between tensile strength, shrinkage, self - desiccation shrinkage and flat restraint cracking show that sra ' s physical shrinkage - reducing effect and ea ' s chemical expansion effect greatly enhance the volume stability of concrete and reduce the probability of early - cracking

    對減縮劑與膨脹劑抗拉強度、干縮、自乾燥收縮及平板約束開裂的試驗結果表明: sra的物理減縮作用及膨脹劑的化學膨脹作用,大大提高了混凝土早期的體積穩定性,降低了早期開裂的概率。
  15. Ability to a - complement of the ea / ed protein was determined by the addition of onpg western blot test with rabbit to e. coli p - galactosidase pcab as first antibody was used to verify the fusion proteins

    以兔抗p半乳糖昔酶抗體做western blot以證實與gst融合表達的ea工d蛋白是p半乳糖昔酶的成分。實驗結果1
  16. The species richness and diversity index order of coniferous and broad - leaf forest and evergreen broad - leaf forest in different geology plots was as follows : shrub layer > herb layer > tree layer ; in shrub plots, the order was herb layer > shrub layer. in general jsw, jsi and ea index order was herb layer > shrub layer > ree layer. that indicated that the species of tree and shrub in karst area distributing is not even, and the species, which are dominant and adapt to the karst environment are cleaer

    不同地區樣地針闊混交林和常綠闊葉林物種豐富度指數、多樣性指數均表現為灌木層草本層喬木層,而在灌叢樣地,物種豐富度和多樣性指數表現為草本層灌木層;整體上,石灰巖地區樣地jsw 、 jsi和ea指數為草本層灌木層喬木層;砂頁巖地區樣地為灌木層草本層喬木層。
  17. Eb early antigen ea eb

  18. The analysis of the french ea on elvs by aggeri and hatchuel suggests that a regulatory approach to tackling the elv problem would have been hindered by the uncertainties and complexities surrounding the issue and the possible approaches to tackling it

  19. Ea energy absorbent bumper

  20. Ensemble averaging ( ea ) is a conventional method for improving the snr of the recorded vep. depending on the snr of the recorded signal, ea requires 100 - 2000 trials to estimate an ep. targets of others methods are concentrated on decreasing the number of repetitions required and speeding up ep estimation