e-day 中文意思是什麼

e-day 解釋

  • e : (pl E s e s )1 英文字母表第五字母。2 【音樂】E調,E音。3 E字形。4 〈美國〉(順序)第五等,(成...
  • day : n. 戴〈姓氏〉。n. 1. 日,一日。2. 節日;規定的日期,約定的日子。3. 晝,白晝,白天;日光。4. 〈常 pl. 〉時代;全盛時代。5. 壽命,生平。6. (某日的)戰斗;勝負,勝利。
  1. Except as otherwise noted herein, all notices, demands or other communications required or permitted to be given under this agreement shall be in writing and shall be delivered by hand ( notice to be deemed effective on date delivered ) ; ups or other recognised international or overnight courier ( notice to be deemed effective on the date delivered ) ; by united states certified mail, return receipt requested, postage prepaid ( notice to be deemed effective on the tenth business day following posting ) all to the ( i ) address in the then - current my ups profile of the customer if to the customer and ( ii ) to 55 glenlake parkway, n. e.,

    除本協議另有記載外,本協議所規定或允許的所有通知、要求或其它通信須以書面形式完成;遞送方式為專人(通知于送達日視為生效) 、 ups或其它公認的國際或次日快遞公司(通知于送達日視為生效) 、或以預付郵資且要求回條的美國掛號信形式(通知于付郵后第十個營業日視為生效) ,且全部須( i )若致「客戶」則送至「客戶」其時有效的「我的ups 」之地址; ( ii )若致ups則送至55glenlakeparkwayn
  2. A proportion of the samples are sent to the epds environmental microbiology laboratory where they receive same - day analyses for e. coli, faecal coliforms, and 5 - day biochemical oxygen demand. the remainder of the samples are stored in a cold room before being delivered to the government laboratory, where they are analysed according to the 39 other parameters outlined in chapter 2

  3. Yangzi evening, which established by xinhua daily group, has two a mazing achievement in 18 years : the amount of publication broke one million in 1995, became " no. l " in the history of jiangshu press ; on se pt 26, 2002, the publication amount broke two million, became one of th e monuments of china press history. during 18 years, staff of yangzi e vening have always keep evening paper ' s feature, stand a point of sendi ng out news in day and night as quickly as possible and make advantag es on three linesiinterview and edition, publication and sale, operation a nd management. so it form four characters : information concentrated, se vice attentive, elegant style and better readable. it declaimed that a new era of press industry is coming

    新華日報集團創辦的揚子晚報, 18年來實現了兩個驚人的跨越: 1995年,發行量突破100萬份,創下江蘇報業史上的「第一」 2002年9月26日,發行量突破200萬份,成為中國報業史上的一座豐碑。 18年來,揚子報人堅持晚報特點,立足於搶發當日新聞和夜間新聞,並在采訪和編輯、發行和營銷、經營和管理三條線上創造優勢,形成了信息密集、服務到位、格調高雅、可讀性強的特色,日發行量突破200萬份,宣告了報業新紀元的到來。
  4. Each day, our in - boxes are flooded with all sorts of unsolicited e - mail - sales pitches, scams, political or religious diatribes, virus carriers, and oddball stuff that just can t be categorized

  5. From roundwood reservoir in county wicklow of a cubic capacity of 2, 400 million gallons, percolating through a subterranean aqueduct of filter mains of single and double pipeage constructed at an initial plant cost of 5 per linear yard by way of the dargle, rathdown, glen of the downs and callowhill to the 26 acre reservoir at stillorgan, a distance of 22 statute miles, and thence, through a system of relieving tanks, by a gradient of 250 feet to the city boundary at eustace bridge, upper leeson street, though from prolonged summer drouth and daily supply of 12 1 2 million gallons the water had fallen below the sill of the overflow weir for which reason the borough surveyor and waterworks engineer, mr spencer harty, c. e., on the instructions of the waterworks committee, had prohibited the use of municipal water for purposes other than those of consumption envisaging the possibility of recourse being had to the importable water of the grand and royal canals as in 1893 particularly as the south dublin guardians, notwithstanding their ration of 15 gallons per day per pauper supplied through a 6 inch meter, had been convicted of a wastage of 20, 000 gallons per night by a reading of their meter on the affirmation of the law agent of the corporation, mr ignatius rice, solicitor, thereby acting to the detriment of another section of the public, selfsupporting taxpayers, solvent, sound

  6. Vitamin e 1000 iu per day

    素e是一種生物活性維他命e 。
  7. After e - day your old money will no longer be legal tender

  8. Wireless lan is accessible from most outdoor areas on campus. checking e - mail, accessing course material or even doing group projects are no longer limited to indoors - an experience one shouldn t miss especially on a warm and sunny day with a light breeze

    無線網路系統現已覆蓋校園內大部分的戶外地方, z過多個無線接駁點,你可在戶外查閱電郵、進行網上學習,甚至和同學討論功課?這些活動再不用局限於室內了。
  9. With the rapid development of the security stock market especially the stock market in chian , issuing stock and circulating on market became the first choice of financing for more and more enterprise at the same time , more and more investors are attracted by the relately high initial return of stock however , the problem of ipos underpricing always exists in the stock market according to the data of more than one thousand chinese stocks , most new issues had great raise in the first trade day , and investors could acquire higher initial return than the average return of the stock market or the same industry we find that initial returns on a - share ipos average reached 132. 24 percent the main body of this paper is made up of six sections : in the first part , we introduced the method of the estimate of pricing decision ; in the second part , we analyzed the method of the pricing decision and issuing system in china , discussed the advantage and weakness of the various issuing methods , and compared the economic efficiency between the examine and approve system and authorization system ; in the third part , we analyzed the reason of ipo ' s underpricing in detail from information economics and other factors and combined with the environment of the chinese stock markets , we analyzed the special characteristics in china and how they effect the ipo ' s underpricing in the fourth part , we analyzed the data of chinese stock market with spss , made a analysis of the administrative pricing decision and market pricing decision , studied the underpricing phenomena of chinese stock market , and analyzed it ' s causes ; in the fifth part , we made a analysis of the examine approve system and authorization system ; and in the last part , we drew some conclusions and put forth some policy advices the follow are the conclusions and policy advices in this dissertation : ( 1 ) from the results of this empirical study , we found that the issuing price - earning ratio and the market situation before ipos are strongly and positively associated with the underpricing of shares , the issuing scale of ipo and the hit rate are strongly and negatively associated with the underpricing ; ( 2 ) we found that after the abolishing of ipo ' s p / e ratio and the using of authorization system , there is no significant difference among the underpricing of shares , but considered with the market entironment , we think that the ipo ' s underpricing has been correspondingly reduced ( 3 ) to reduce difference between the primary market and the second market , we suggested that we shall bring the " over - allotment option ( oao ) " to bear and resume the state - owned share and corporate - owned share to circulate on market as soon possible

    本文的主體由六個部分組成:第一部分介紹新股發行定價的估值方法;第二部分對我國的發行定價方式和發行制度進行分析,探討不同發行定價方式的優缺點,以及審批制和核準制經濟效率分析;第三部分從信息經濟學角度和其他因素的角度詳細分析造成新股發行抑價的原因,並結合我國股票市場實際情況,分析了我國市場的特有因素是否及如何影響一級市場的發行抑價程度的;第四部分利用統計分析軟體spss對我國新股行政化和市場化定價進行實證分析,主要包括新股發行行政化和市場化定價方式的實施情況和效果分析、新股發行行政化定價方式的實證分析,以及新股發行行政化和市場化定價方式的比較實證分析;第五部分利用統計分析軟體spss對我國新股發行審批制和核準制進行實證分析;第六部分是本論文的主要結論。本文的主要結論和建議有: ( 1 )從實證分析結果看,我國新股發行抑價與市場環境、發行市盈率呈顯著正向關系,與發行規模、申購中簽率等呈顯著反向關系。 ( 2 )取消發行市盈率限制和實施核準制等市場化改革措施並沒有降低發行抑價的絕對水平,只是由於市場環境的因素,發行抑價的相對水平才有所降低。
  10. Modern urdu literature covers the time from the last quarter of the 19th century to the present day and can be divided into two periods : the period of the aligarh movement started by sir sayyid ahmed khan 1817 - 1898 ce and the period influenced by sir mohammed iqbal 1877 - 1938 ce followed by the progressive movement and movements of halqa - e - arbab - e - zouq, modernism and post modernism

    現代urdu文學包括時間從19世紀的上一季度對現在和可能被劃分成二個期間: aligarh運動的期間開始了由sayyid ahmed khan 1817 - 1898並且期間先生由mohammed iqbal 1877 - 1938先生影響被halqa - e - arbab - e - zouq現代主義和崗位現代主義的進步運動和運動跟隨。
  11. In the french air force, mirage 2000 fighters in operation are : mirage 2000c / b single seater and two seater for air defence ; mirage 2000n, two seater, designed for all weather nuclear penetration at low altitude and very high speed ; and mirage 2000d, which is an upgraded version of the mirage 2000n, for automated bombing using conventional and laser guided munitions ; e type for multi purpose exporting version ; r for single seat day / night eaporting version

    在法國空軍內,現役的幻影2000戰斗機為幻影2000c型單座戰斗機、 b型雙座戰斗教練機、幻影2000n雙座全天候低空高速核攻擊機以及其改進型d型常規精確制導武器攻擊機、幻影2000e多任務出口型、幻影2000r單座晝夜偵察出口型。
  12. A secure e - mail communication channel within the stet network for day - to - day communication between the hkma and authorized institutions has been established

  13. If the accommodation period is over 2 nights, organizations should check - in the following day i. e. 9 a. m. once signal is lowered. no refund will be available for the period when the village is open again

    但3日2夜或以上的營期,當風球或黑色暴雨警號除下后,所餘營期必須照常進行即翌日須早上9 : 00入營時間報到。
  14. The calendar year basis ( i. e. the number of days of stay from 1 january to 31 december each year ) is used and the " days of presence " are counted. a day includes any day on which an individual is physically present in the mainland, i. e. including the day of arrival and the day of departure and days on weekends and public holidays

    在決定連續或累計的逗留時間是否超過183天時,會以歷年為基準(即每年1月1日至12月31日的逗留日數) ,計算該人士在內地身處當地天數,其中包括該人士身處內地的任何一天,即包括抵達或離開當天,周末、周日和公眾假期。
  15. There are a few secular state holidays ( e. g., independence day ) and some solar holidays, such as the entry of the sun into the sign of aries ( mesa - samkranti ), marking the beginning of the new astrological year ; the sun ' s entry into the sign of capricornus ( makara - samkranti ), which marks the winter solstice but has coalesced with a hoary harvest festival, which in southern india is very widely celebrated as the pongal festival ; and the mahavisuva day, which is new year ' s eve

    有幾個世俗的國家假期(比如,獨立日) ,還有一些有關太陽的節日,比如太陽進入白羊座的節日(瑪薩?山卡提) ,標記著新的占星年開始;太陽進入摩羯座(瑪卡拉? ?山卡提) ,標記著冬至日,但與一個古老的收割節日接合,在南印度作為豐收節而被廣泛地慶祝,而摩訶維蘇亞節,是除夕。
  16. The content can be either a further catechesis in a brief and condensed manner, or an explanation of the different elements of the liturgy, or the meaning of the day s readings. on the other hand, in some special sundays, we can let the faithful share their testimony of the word in a formal manner, e. g. families could do so on the feast of the holy family, teachers on the education sunday, workers on the labor sunday etc. it may be better if those giving testimonies are parishioners, and they should have been well prepared

  17. A day or period of the year when people stop working to celebrate a special event often a regious one. i. e. : christmas and easter are the main christian festivals

  18. News, features and commentaries written, edited and delivered around the clock ; that is the service provided by a team from the information services department for news. gov. hk, the government s e - bulletin read by thousands of internet users every day

  19. The net asset value per share of the fund as at the relevant dealing day will be used as the issue price and realisation price of the fund, i. e. no bid ask spread will be involved

  20. By surveying the sample plot, the relations between the stabil ity of the mountai n slope of soil preparation for planting by using explosion and other factors s uch as precipitation, terrain , were studied. by using the method of quantitative t heory i, the interrelation between the damaged degrees of soil preparation progra ms by using explosion in low mountain area with abundant precipitation and terrain factors was systematically analysed, and the mathematical models relate d were developed. the results show that the precipitation in early days and the m aximum precipitation per day are the primary factors causing the soil prepara tion program damaged. the main terrain factors of the mountain slope that affect the program stability are according to their importance, slope, position and dir ection. the suitable mountain slope for soil preparation by using explosion is th e slope of less than 25