flood 中文意思是什麼

音標 [flʌd]
flood 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 洪水,水災。
2. 溢流,漲水,潮水最高點,泛濫,洶涌。
3. 〈詩〉河,湖,海。
4. 充溢,豐富;大量,一大陣,滔滔不絕。
5. 〈口語〉泛光燈,探照燈 (= flood light)。
vt. 及物動詞 1. 淹沒,使泛濫;漲滿(河床)。
2. 用水澆灌,灌溉。
3. 涌到;沖進。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. 發大水,泛濫;(潮)漲。
2. 涌到 (in)。
3. 【醫學】患子宮出血,血崩。

  1. After the introduction of the legislation concern was expressed about the flood of patients requiring abortion.

  2. Likewise, if true science ultimately proves that the earth ' s fossil record is simply the result of noah ' s flood, as argued convincingly by many " creationist " scientists, then once again the bible agrees if one simply postulates that the destruction of the pre - adamite society was so devastating and catastrophic in nature that it completely obliterated all traces of it ( a very plausible and likely scenario in my opinion, incidentally )

  3. All at once, as with a sudden smile of heaven, forth burst the sunshine, pouring a very flood into the obscure forest, gladdening each green leaf, transmuting the yellow fallen ones to gold, and gleaming adown the grey trunks of the solemn trees

  4. An airlift was organized immediately for the relief of the flood victims.

  5. After the first flood, we planted 300 olive and almond trees behind each dam.

  6. The flood and ebb tides alternates with each other. .

  7. The torrential flood annihilated the village.

  8. Applicants flood the office.

  9. To avoid the retardation of flood water, improve the discharging conditions and reduce flooding frequency and flowage damage on flood retarding basins, huai river commission made a decision to adjust and regulate the middle courses of huai river. the authorial thesis is based on the main part of huai river flood - protection planning, i. e., the flood - protection planning of huai rivers middle courses. author of thesis participated in the drawing up and the administrating of the plan

  10. Nothing availed against the flood.

  11. Six foundation works : first, projects to prevent flood, avoiding huai river overflow again ; second, projects of comprehensive traffic, perfecting the highway, railway, waterway and aviating traffic network ; third, ecological environmental protection project to improve peoples living conditions and strengthen environmental ecological construction progressively ; fourth, construction of " digital fuyang ", realizing datamation of product design, automation of production process, and electronization of commercial market ; fifth, sincere project of fuyang, advancing all kinds of sincere institutional improvement of same trade, forming morals based on sincerity, and personal integrity ; sixth, talents market project, developing human resources diversely

    六項基礎工程:一是防洪保安工程,切實根除淮河心腹之患;二是綜合交通工程,完善公、鐵、水、空綜合交通網路;三是生態環保工程,改善人居生活條件,加強環境生態建設;四是數字阜陽工程, .逐步實現產品設計數據化、生產過程自動化、營銷商務電子化;五是誠信阜陽工程,推進各類同業誠信制度建設,形成誠信為本、操守為重的社會風尚;六是人才強市工程,多方位開發人力資源。
  12. Towards the research on two flood water of yuhe river in datong city during 2004, by measuring and comparing their discharge, sediment concentration 、 nutrient include organic, phosphorus, potassium, azote, the result shows that the nutrient content of the sediment is greatly larger than that of supernatant fluid

  13. Babbitt drew his hand through the cool flood.

  14. Locate in scene flood centre, cover an area of 18, 700 square metre, in 1977 start bi is park, in garden build have pavilion waterside pavilion, plant have odd coloured different grass, and raise the rare animals such as peacock, huge boa, wild boar, fox, monkey, 8 elder brothers and babbler

    位於景洪市中心,佔地18700平方米, 1977年始辟為公園,園內建有亭臺水榭,植有奇花異卉,並飼養著孔雀、巨蟒、野豬、狐貍、猴子、八哥、畫眉等珍稀動物。
  15. Ecord of expenditures flood relief effort in southern thailand units : thai baht

  16. A flood of tie - ins is about to hit the us, with astro boy ' s image splashed on everything from bandanas and bedding

  17. The flood having retreated, we went back to bangkok

  18. Three wheat cultivars, yannong 19 ( with spread plant type ), jimai 20 ( with semi - spread plant type ) and taishan 23 ( with erect plant type ), were used to investigate the wue ( water use efficiency ) change under raised bed planting with furrow irrigation and conventional flat planting with flood irrigation

    摘要為尋找提高小麥水分利用效率的途徑,以株型擴張品種煙農19 、株型緊湊品種泰山23和株型半擴張品種濟麥20為材料,比較研究了壟作(小水溝內滲灌)和平作(大水漫灌)兩種栽培模式下小麥的水分利用效率。
  19. Based on the simulation model theory of temperature and stress fields presented in this article, a large simulating program for high rccd has been developed, which can numerically simulate all kinds of temperature control measures, including water pipe cooling, heat insulating in winter, reducing place temperature of concrete, spraying water brume, and long interval over - watering surfaces overflowing in flood season.

  20. The flood of imported cars cheapened the cost of cars made here